Welcome to China

We have arrived in Beijing and spent the day touring the Beijing Zoo, Summer Palace, Pearl Market and Temple of Heaven. We are sharing a video of our visit to the Zoo; you will note that we garnered as much, if not more attention than the Panda's. We are traveling with a family with three children and the Chinese are very taken with them. They frequently ask to have their picture taken with the children. It is quite obvious that the Chinese people love children, their own and others.

My impression of the Chinese people is that they are very warm, generous and hospitable people. They smile and laugh easily and seem to want to help or please others. We are really enjoying the Chinese people that we have met.

We are having a great time, however our sleep is off, it is currently 2:00 a.m. and both Dan and I are up and can not sleep. Tommorrow we have more sightseeing, Great Wall of China, Forbidden City and Tian men Square.

It doesn't appear from China that the Video is working, so I thought I would insert a picture in its place to show how we were the one's on exhibit at the Beijing Zoo. :-) Okay, I'm still learning this blog stuff and the picture is on top of this post. You get the idea of what we are trying to show... Can someone email me from the US and let me know if you can see the Video? Thanks much!

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