We are on the last leg of our journey, we are in Guangzhou China, where every American adoptee has to come to meet with the American Consulate. Bei did pretty well on the flight here with one little tantrum. Since his grieving day, he has really made a turn around again. He accepts us saying no to him without a tantrum and he is a smiling happy kid again. He still has his moments, but they aren't as extreme. Yesterday, he only had one mild tantrum when I wouldn't allow him to run into the street to get hit by a car. Mom's can be no fun at times!!! He went to Dan for comfort and was mad at me and wouldn't look at me. He has made great strides with Dan and seeks him out for both comfort and play time. He says Mama often and very clearly now. Unfortunately, we have not been very consistent in what we called Dan, we have used Baba (Father in Chinese), Dada and Daddy. So we think he is calling him Dada, but aren't sure.
We are skipping all the optional tours and only attend the mandatory official meetings. We think it is really important to spend the time with Bei and try to keep as much of a routine as possible for him. Now, is not the time for us to be touring China. Today is Bei's Medical Examination, we went at 9:00 a.m. but they told us to come back in the afternoon because they had a few emergencies and the place was a zoo. So we are glad that didn't ask us to wait. I really encourage everybody to visit, because it is so steeped in rich history and culture. Unfortunately, with the globalization of the world, the culture may be lost. .
With that said, I do want to come back some day and see it. China is changing rapidly and is not the China that I had pictured in my mind from movies from my childhood. It is progressing at a fast pace.

To my sister Nanette, we are staying at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China. We are in room 2622.
I will post pictures and video's after Dan the Man, techno master uploads them to the computer.

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Now I can say, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! Love, Laurie