Bei's Girlfriend

I'll start with the Video, this is another Suzhou sweetie. As you can see Bei has gotten it into his head that his friend Sarah (formerly called Doe Doe) wanted some Cheerios and raisins. And being the gentlemen that he is, he thought he would force feed her. It was obvious that these two know each other. They would say a few words to one another. Bei is extremely shy around all the other families but is willing to be himself around this family. I think it helps that he knew Doe Doe previously. We'll definitely stay in touch with them.

Remember how the growth reports described Bei's personality? Shy, Timid, Introverted and Obstinate. Holy Buckets, they should have capitalized OBSTINATE. A better description would have been over-indulged little emperor. He had three tantrums before we left this morning for our tour of the park at 9:00 a.m. He will accept no, unless he already has his hands on something. For example, I was feeding him his congee (rice porridge) and he was helping me by holding the coffee mug handle and spoon feeding himself...you can just imagine how helpful it was to me. Anyway, Doe Doe's (Bei's new girlfriend) family was at the door knocking so I wanted to put the congee down, therefore I wanted Bei to let go so he wouldn't dump it all over the couch. Huge tantrum!!! But the surprising thing is when I give him what he wants he doesn't tantrum or cry, I just have to deal with a huge mess. Anyway, I figure you should all see us on Super Nanny by the fall.

Honestly, he is a great kid, but he is two years old.

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Wade Walsh said...

I'm catching up from the week and things are going as expected, AWESOME! I'm glad you decided to keep his name and give him Dan's but address him as Bei. I see he's already like Papa, popular with the ladies. You guys are both wonderful parents. I can't wait to meet him when you arrive home.