Rated R

I had envisioned a scenario of Bei "testing out" bad language when he is 13 years old, not 3 years old. I already have "the talk" in my head about "we don't use that kind of language in "our" household...you know the moral high ground and all that stuff...blah, blah, blah". Here is what happened to set me straight; on the way to the cabin, we stopped at Menards to pick up a vanity cabinet for our cabin bathroom that is being remodeled by Grandpa Builder Bob. The back of the pick-up was pretty crammed already with stuff that we were bringing up, but Dan somehow figured a way to wrestle the vanity into the truck. We drove away from Menards and then proceeded up the ramp towards the interstate. Dan said, "Liz, look behind you, the vanity has already tipped over." I look behind me and I said "what vanity, it is not there any longer". Dan said "Oh shit!", then I said "Ohhhh shit!". Dan stops the truck and I get out to double check that the vanity isn't there and I come back and say "Holy shit, the vanity is gone!" Dan and I lock eyes and we both say "oh shit!". Bei then says "oh shit!". Dan mumbles "oh shit, it is probably in a million pieces". Dan starts backing down the ramp of the interstate and I say "Holy shit Dan, slow down". Bei says "Holy shit Dan". Finally...Dan and I realize that that there is a third party here...Bei, and he is thinking it is pretty fun to say the word "shit". Uh oh...

Just to finish the story, Dan finally did a U-turn and drove the wrong way down the ramp and I wanted to shout out an "oh shit", but kept it to myself. We found the vanity laying on the opposite lane of a 4 way highway in front of Menards. I ran out and pulled it to the side of the road. All of this was to the amusement of Bei. For some reason, he was laughing and giggling through all of this and thought it was very funny that mommy was running in the middle of the road. He tried saying "shit" a few more times on the way to the cabin and Dan and I just ignored it and he hasn't said it since...the little shit!


Larry the Cucumber returns...

I always said I wasn't going to be one of those "kooky" type of mom's that let their kids dress in weird get-ups outside of the home...well...Bei wore his "Larry the Cucumber" costume to run errands today. I didn't expect the smiles and fun comments that we received from almost everybody. We went to Best Buy and the guys in the computer department saw Bei coming and they started nudging each other and then they took turns high fiving Bei. The people at Pearle Vision were falling all over him trying to fit him with a free set of sunglasses to match his outfit. It was really fun!


Two pea's in a pod and Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
Sunday night Bei and Gina fell asleep together. Notice that they are holding hands.

Bei's cousins took him to the park multiple times over the weekend.

Bei is a snake charmer...the kids had absolutely no fear of the snakes.

The Easter Egg hunt was short-lived because something much more interesting was on our patio...a snakes nest.

Easter Egg Hunt Sunday Morning with the neighbor kids

The two pea's in a pod

On Tuesday, little Elizabeth and her mom Teri, came to stay with us for a few days. She always tells her mom that "she has to go visit her cousin Bei". For people who don't know, Teri and I are childhood friends. We didn't do much of anything, but hang out and let the kids play together. Bei and Elizabeth were two pea's in a pod. They got along beautifully! At one point, they were playing in our bedroom and I walked backed there to see what they were doing. Elizabeth met me at the door and I saw Bei was sitting on the other side of the bed, I could only see his head. I said "What are you guys doing?" Elizabeth innocently answered,"Bei's peeing" Uh oh...what the heck??? She must of noticed my eyebrows raise because she said with a smile "pretend peeing"....Oh geez, I just hope he has his pants on and isn't showing his manhood to her. I just let them be at that point. That was not exactly the game that I envisioned that they were playing...Hey kid, where are your lego's, coloring books, puzzles???

Nick, Cathy and the kids came on Friday for Easter. Bei was ecstatic to have his cousins here again. We had a really nice visit with them.


Bei Bei in a bottle...

The artists Bei and Lily
Catching indoor butterflies!

Recently Bei has Doe Doe on his brain. Out of the blue on Monday, Bei asked if he could see Bei Bei and Doe Doe on the TV, meaning he wants to see the video of the two of them while they were in China. We watched the video for two days. He loves watching himself and laughs alot. Then my friend Kim and her daughter Lily, who was adopted from China came today for a play date. I didn't tell him ahead of time that they were coming, so when he looked out the window and saw that they were here he asked " Is Doe Doe here?" For some reason, he is thinking about her alot.
Bei and Lily had a really fun play date together. Lily is very reserved and quiet. Bei is somewhat of a chameleon. When Huckleberry and Max are over and are being loud and testing their voices, Bei follows suit. With Lily he was quiet and very relaxed.
I know that this will sound stupid to some people, but I wish I could just capture Bei's joy and happiness into a bottle. I wouldn't even sell it, I would give it to anyone feeling lonely, sad, depressed or hopeless. That little boy is amazingly joyful and content and could touch the darkest hearts and bring sunshine into it. He has the most wonderful sense of humor, he loves to laugh and be silly. He loves to be touched and cuddled. He shows compassion and empathy. He knows how to love others and receive love. I never imagined in my wildest dreams, that we would ever get a child like him. I am so over the top in love with him. But it is because he is so easy to love. I don't take credit for any of it, because I really believe people are born with their personalities. Now it is my job to nurture him to become who he was meant to be, but the mold has been cast and it is a good one.
Okay...you all know what this means...I bragged about him, so I better get ready for a day of hell tomorrow...it is my curse!