End of September

My dadya will keep you from taking my picture again!

A gasket of laughter...

You're not taking my picture again, are you?...I'm going to blow a gasket...

Are there any Cheetos in this machine?

Is that corn or a cigarette butt hanging from the goats mouth?
Friday Bei and I went to the Pumpkin patch where they had a petting zoo. The weather was beautiful and our neighbors, Huckleberry, Max and Curly joined us too. Friday evening we went up north to the cabin and had a really relaxing weekend.


Huckleberry and Curly Locks come to visit Bei

Oh my gosh...is she naked???

H2O was the theme of the day

Bei and Curly eating a smorgsbord at Lizzie's Country Buffet

Bei receiving his first tattoe

First of all let me start by admitting that I am still learning ALOT about parenting. For example, the tattoe picture was a "learning"moment for me. Huckleberry took off his socks and Bei saw that under each of one his toe's he had a smiley face. You are thinking right now "how cute", so did I, and Bei was thinking I want that! So, sure Huckleberry can tattoo your feet and toes...uh oh...it doesn't stop there...before I know it half of Bei's leg is green and he wants "more". Now the other 2 year old, Curly, starts coloring her legs...ugh! Try taking two color pens away from two, two year old...all I can say is "learning moment for mom"! We got through it and had a wonderful day with the kids.
I have to mention a funny incident with Huckleberry. He was playing down at the bottom of the driveway, but was on the road more than the driveway. We don't live on a busy street, but I just don't think it is the wisest place to play. So I asked him to please move up more towards the garage where I could keep track of him and the other two kids. He didn't move, I asked again and he didn't move again...hmmm....what to do...Oh, I know, I have seen other mothers do this "One...two...three..."okay, don't leave me hangin here kid"...thank goodness at "four" he got up and went and played by the garage. I'm not sure I understand what is so mystical about counting that kids react to it, I'm just glad that when Dan got home I wasn't on "one thousand nineteen...one thousand twenty....



Grandma Sandy and Bei together at last!

This past weekend was my mom's birthday party in the Chicago area and the second time that she met Bei! She is doing quite a bit better and hopes to start work part-time this week. Bei was in all his glory during the party since he was the center of attention. He was like the Pied Piper with all the cousins following his every move. Bei won't be able to cop the attitude when he is 16 that "we didn't love him enough"...that kid is not only loved by Dan and I, but lots and lots of extended family on both sides!

Bei is growing alot these days, he is starting to use his imagination more and more. When we read books, he pretends to eat the food on the pages and then wants me to have some and Teddy can have some, too. He also likes me to write his name on paper and to assist him in writing it. The other thing that is kind of interesting is that he has picked up the difference between the words "two" and "too". I bought a second blankee for him that looks just like the first one and he was so proud that he had "two" blankee's. And he has "two" balls, (the kind that you throw), but he will say to me "you eat too" or "you take a bath too". Okay, maybe I'm making something out of nothing, but the kid is a genius to me! Last thing about Bei, we stayed at a hotel this weekend and went in the pool and the kid wanted to be dunked under!! We taught him how to close his eyes, plug his nose and close his mouth and under we went. Dan said that he knows for sure now that I'm crazy in love with Bei, because there were never enough horses on the face of the earth that could ever get me to get my hair wet publically, but under the water I went for my sweetheart of a little boy, Bei.

I would like to take a moment to mention that we received some very tragic news on Friday; a dear friend of ours past away, somewhat unexpectedly, on Wednesday, September 16, his name was Chad. His wife, Colleen, was my College roommate, in our wedding and they were our annual Packer buddies. We are just heartbroken over Chad's death, he truly was one of the greatest people you ever would meet!! Please remember Colleen and her three daughters in your prayers.

Also, please pray for little Elizabeth, remember her? She came to visit Bei this summer and we went to the Zoo and the beach. She is having a complicated knee/leg surgery this Thursday and I know her mom, Teri would appreciate all prayers! She is a sweetie!! Good luck Elizabeth, I know you follow the blog!!! Next time you come for a visit, I'll get the video camera out so that we can get you and Bei in a clip on the blog!


Stuck at Rainbow

He is one cute little dude!

I don't know if many of you remember the movie called "The Terminal", that starred Tom Hanks as an immigrant who couldn't leave the airport terminal because he didn't have the right paperwork. He has to make a life within the airport terminal in order to survive and eat, etc. Well, a similar thing almost happened to me, but it was at Rainbow Foods. I did my morning grocery shopping on Monday, went to the car, loaded the groceries, put Bei in his carseat and went to start the car, but there were no keys! Ugh! Okay, I had unlocked the car and I remember doing it with the FOB, so the keys have to be here right? I look at all the obvious places, diaper bag, remove Bei from the carseat 5 times, unload each bag, put the stuff back in. Collect all the garbage from the car to help look in the car, go into the store ask them if anyone has turned in keys. During all of this I'm having a mental image of having to live at Rainbow foods for the next few weeks, because there is no way on God's green earth that I would call Dan to tell him I lost the car keys and I'm stuck at Rainbow. I could mentally already hear the digust in his voice and there is no way I'm doing it. Maybe he won't notice that we are gone for a month?? Or maybe, I could call a tow truck and have them tow my car home and park it in the driveway and he won't notice that I haven't driven in the upcoming months, instead he'll praise me for all the money I'm saving on gas! Finally, I swallow my pride and call my girlfriend Sue, to ask her to come and pick us up, because obviously the keys are never to be found again.

Sue arrives ,and within 10 seconds locates the keys!!!! They WERE in the diaper bag, just not the pocket I normally put them in. I thought I would test my instincts to see what Dan would say when I told him what happened and sure enough he gave me the pathetic head shake and mumbled something about my organizational skills or lack thereof. After 19 years of marriage, I pretty much can read him like a book.

So, if you ever have wondered what a stay at home mom does all day, we play hide and go-seek with our car keys and dream up ways to hide our gaffs from our hubby.


Mending a Broken Heart - Monday, October 13, 2008

We bought a doctors kit in hopes that it eases his fear

We found out last Monday that the Cardiologist is recommending Bei to have open heart surgery. We have already received a second opinion and they concurred that he needs to have surgery sooner rather than later. I'll try to explain the medical issue: What he has is called Ventrical Septal Defect (VSD), which means there is a hole in-between his right ventrical and his left ventrical. His right ventrical brings blood to his lungs and the left brings it to his body. As the blood is coming down the left ventrical some is flowing into his right ventrical meaning that his lungs are getting too much blood. This was seen on an x-ray, and it would eventually lead to Pulmonary Hypertension. The left ventrical is working too hard to keep up with the blood flow and the muscle is enlarged. Additionally, the hole is in a place where the blood is not only going down to the lungs, but up, into his upper right chamber. Both Cardiologists told us that this is indicative of a VSD that needs to be surgerically closed. They continue to be concerned about his size, or lack thereof and the upcoming flu season. They said kids that hearts are already working overtime have a harder time fighting some of those bugs off. Plus, he probably hasn't been exposed to the same virus's and may be more suspectible to them. We want his heart nice and strong!!
I waited a week to let people know because we spent all last week visiting doctors, plus it gave Dan and I chance to get our emotions and feelings in check. Initially, we both were stunned because we were optimistic and just didn't think it would come to open heart surgery. Bei appears to be such an active and healthy little boy that we just assumed that we would continue to watch him, and the hole would close on it own. It was not meant to be...
Our hearts break for Bei that he will have to endure all this "scary" stuff and have a high risk operation. We both are taking a very practical approach to it now, it has to be done and we will do everything within our power to make it the most nurturing, painless and scare-free event that we can for Bei. I plan on being with him 24-7 until he heals and Dan will be there too. The things that we do know are that he is going to get the best care that the Twin Cities has to offer, he couldn't be more loved by his parents and we'll do anything for him, and we have the most fabulous supportive family and friends, so we are marching on and consider ourselves blessed and fortunate to be a part of this wonderful little boys life! Lucky us!!!


The Little General!

Bei's Referral Picture

The morning of January 18, 2008 turned out to be a fateful day for us. I decided to call my counselor at the adoption agency and what she told me changed my life forever. She told me that they were trying something new and they they had posted pictures and a brief biography of the "Waiting Children with Special Needs". Click...did I even say good-bye to her?? I had to get on that website and see the children. There were twelve children, mostly boys, eleven to be exact and Bei was the third one across the top. I had always thought I was going to adopt a little girl, it was China, weren't all the children in the orphanage girls? Nope, I guess not. So, I reviewed the children and the only little one that I considered was the "little marching general". Not that the other children were not worthy or not as adorable as Bei, but I looked at the "Special Needs" and his medical condition was what we as a couple had decided we could handle. I spent alot of time that day looking at his picture and asking him, "Are you suppose to be my son?" I really believe in letting go and letting life happen, so I was comfortable with our choice. You are probably wondering where Dan is during all of this? He was in California at a conference. I called him and told him to look at the website, check it out and let me know. He immediately gave me the thumbs up! Dan came home that night, we filled out the application together, submitted it the next day and the following day we found out that we received the referral!!!
It all seemed so surreal, a phone call, an application, the referral, the trip to China, it all happened so fast and so unexpectedly!! It still feels like something larger than overselves had a huge hand in it and we are grateful and feel extremely blessed.
So all that wonderful stuff happened to get Bei to us and it feels larger than life, but then we get the most good natured child, who is the most loving and loveable child and fits our lives perfectly. Dan and I keep saying that we could not have procreated a child ourselves that is a better fit to us than Bei! He truly was meant to be our son!!!


Apple Orchard

Bei gets a cutie smirk on his face while watching the ball roll across the table!
Ha! Ha! I beat daddy to the ball!

Dad can throw the ball really high!

Dan and Bei eating their apples

That Carmel Apple was finger licking good!

On Sunday we went to a local Apple Orchard and spent a few hours enjoying the wine tasting, grape stomping contest, pony rides and a band. We sat and listened to the band and threw a ball for Bei. It is one of his favorite things to do and it keeps him entertained for hours.

Barbie Jeep...oops I mean "Man" Jeep

Bei is very neighborly, he always waves to the people going by our house. I would say about 2% of the people even see the little guy to wave back...but he doesn't care, he waves anyway. I call him Mr. Friendly!
Ted, maybe when you grow up and show some responsibility, I'll let you drive...oh yeah...and it would help if you could see over the windshield.

The smile that could not be wiped from Bei's Face!

Max, I'm ready to race you on your tractor!

Aunt Nanette and family dropped this fun "little" toy over at our house on Saturday! I mention "little" because sometimes I try to hide it from him, because he wants to ride it endlessly, but it is kind of hard to hide! The funny thing is that Dan gets teased at work about his Jeep Wrangler, some of the boys call it his "Barbie Jeep"...so now Bei is just like his dad! And it really is a Barbie Jeep...not for long though...Dan has the black spray paint ready to go!


Monkey See, Monkey Do!

"Can I help you with something?"

While my friend Annette and I were visiting this morning, we looked over and there Bei was reading my book with my glasses on. The old adage "Monkey See, Monkey Do" takes on an entirely new meaning with a toddler in the house.


Building Blocks

Back at it!

Uh oh...

He didn't want it to topple over

Bei built this lego tower and you could hardly wipe the "cutie smirk" from his face, he was so proud!

This picture of Ranger, my brothers dog, pretty much captures Labor Day weekend for us...relaxation!