Kisses from Bei

It is 5:30 in the morning over here and I've been up since about 4:30 a.m. I have to admit, my sleep cycle is still off and I could use a really good deep sleep.

As I laid in bed holding Bei's hand thinking about how incredibly lucky we are to have this really loving child in our life, I realized I forgot to mention the most important thing that happened yesterday before the meltdown, I received 4 kisses from Bei and they were all unsolicited. I'm kissing him constantly and he seems to love it, so I think he has the concept down.

Anyway, when he and Dan were playing Choo Choo's in the morning, I came into the room and he looked at me and pursed his lips like he sent me a kiss. I kind of dismissed it because I thought it was more wishful thinking on my part. Later on, we were sitting on the couch and he was eating his Cheerios and feeding them to me and he was studying my face and got real close and put his mouth on mine, his mouth was open in a big O, but it still was kiss. He did several other times in the morning. Then he tried to slip a Cheerio in my mouth when he did it...okay, son I'm crazy in love with you but that is going a little over the top. I cracked up laughing and he did too. He really loves to laugh and smile.

He is such a different kid with Dan and I then when we are with the group, he is so happy when it is just the three of us and so darn serious when we are with others. To me it is just a miracle that this super shy introverted child has bonded with Dan and I from the beginning. How did he decide, yep you two are okay and not turn inward like he does? It all feels so much bigger than ourselves and I feel that I owe God a big one after this. When I think about what a loving little boy he is and how much he loves to be held and cuddled, it just makes me get emotional.

Dan whispered to me this morning that Bei held his hand all night long. We are so incredibly fortunate that not only did we get a kid that needs love but wants to give it back. This journey has just been amazing and far exceeds any of my expectations. We truly got the perfect child for Dan and I.

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Kathy said...

OK, I'm hooked on this blog!!! Good grief, if I shed one more tear! I'm amazed at the exchange between you three...You act like you've had this amazing sweet pea forever...I need to meet this gift from GOD!