Update on Grandma Sandy

This captures the essence of Max, he was having the best time! Bei was hanging on for dear life!
Max giving Bei a ride on his tractor

It gets pretty dirty, especially when you touch your nose with the chalk

I spent an afternoon playing with chalk.

Bei playing with his little buddy Cohen
First of all I wanted to thank everyone who kept my mom in their thoughts and prayers. She is doing much better and seems to be on the road to recovery. She has spent the past month or so, at my sisters Jeannine (who is a Registered Nurse) recovering and she is finally ready to try it on her own and go to her own home. Quite honestly, I don't think they have a confirmed diagnosis for my mom. She just was one sick lady. Special thanks to my siblings who understood my circumstance with Bei and rallied around my mom and helped my sister when she needed a respite from it all. They did it all with grace and happiness and never made me feel guilty. I have a great family, therefore Bei has a great family!!!
There is one fierce thunderstorm going on as I type this and I'm ready to jump out of my skin at every thunder boomer...Where is Bei you may ask? Fast asleep!!! I've been trying to tell ya'll he truly is perfect!!!


Bei Off to Work

My handsome little man!
Hey Mister, I'm thumbing it here, can you give a little kid a ride?

With gas prices so high, I think I'll just walk.

Off to work I go!
Dan came home and left his computer case out in the living room and like all two year olds, Bei was delighted to find a "new toy"!
I knew Bei would be a different kid within six months of coming home, but I am amazed at how much he is changing and growing. He has already gone through phases and is onto the next ones. Here are some of the phases and changes that he went through;
His favorite toy use to be daddy's big Hemi pick up truck, now he prefers mom's green boxy jeep.
He gave unsolicited kisses multiple times a day, now I feel like I'm on a deserted island just hoping and praying for one little crumb. (My mom told me that once he gets more secure with us, the kisses will slow down...smart mom!). I never wanted to be one of those mom's chasing after a kid in desperation saying "Kiss me" Kiss me"...and now some days I'm exactly THAT mom.
Previously, Bei would not watch any video's, well tomorrow I'm signing him up for Veggie Tales Anonymous.
The word "again" was one of his first words, but now he won't say it and will only say more.
He use to say "No" really cute, he would hold up his hand like a stop sign and softly say No. It made you think he had considered every option and the answer is an affirmed, but kind "no". Now, he says it more like a typical two year old.
Here are some things that he is currently doing.
He still loves bacon, I put it in a sandwich bag and he carries it around all day and eats it like they are cookies.
He still has a great sense of humor and loves slapstick comedy, which is right up my alley. Mama tripping and falling is really funny to him.
He loves to be frightened, if he is coming down the hallway and I jump out at him unexpectedly he loves it and says "more". He wants to me hide in the same place again and scare him, but I don't...I move around to keep him on his toes.
Calling me mom rather than maMa (I miss the british accent). Usually he says it three times really fast, mom, mom, mom. It might be because I forget I'm the mom...oh...you're talking to me??? Oh ya, that's right I'm the mom.
The strides that he is making on the playground are incredible. He is climbing the rock wall with my help, climbed the ladder by himself with me spotting him and then climbs the stairs steadily.
He still loves Choo Choo trains the best, but he also loves boats, airplanes, cars and trucks.
When we ask him if he wants to take a bath he usually goes running to the tub and says over and over "take a bath!" "take a bath!"
He now calls the telephone "Doe Doe". Last week, I showed him pictures on the computer of him and Doe Doe (Sarah) in China, and he tried to feed her a cookie through the screen. What type of mad spell did that girl put on him?? She is like the Queen of Sheba, getting fed grapes by her minion Bei. I would love to know their history.
Multiple syllable words are seem to be easier to say than single syllable words. He said elbow before knee and Jeannine's before Bob. Go figure???
Still a great eater! He would of de-throned Randy of the best eater category if Grandma Phyllis was still alive...sorry Randy...but you have lost your eating status!
I'll forget to say dinner prayers and I'll be waiting for Bei to eat and he will have his hand on his forehead and will be looking at me. I'll say, "Honey, go ahead and eat..." He just waits for me...oh yeah, thanks son for being the spiritual leader in the household...In the name of the Father, Son...when we get to the Holy Spirit, he doesn't have the crossing of the breast quite right...he reaches behind him and touches his butt...don't ask me why, it seems to me it would be easier to touch your chest, but his spatial concepts are not quite there...
Still the best kid for Dan and I, hands down, bar none!!! We are crazy crazy about him!!!!



Cousins and suckers...two of Bei's most favorite things!

Bei opening gifts

Is it over yet???

Bei with his Godparents and Father Andrew

Bei wore his Chinese outfit for his Baptism in celebration of his heritage

Bei and Elizabeth having a snack at the beach

Elizabeth and Bei blowing bubbles in the wagon

We've had two weeks of guests; Nick and Company came to the cabin, followed by Mark and Company and then my childhood girlfriend, Teri came with her daughter Elizabeth to our house and then back up to the cabin where my sisters and our friends John and Leslie came for the baptism. I'm TIRED!!! Okay, I was tired earlier in the week, but now I'm starting to feel normal again.

Let me just tell you that something has gone awry since I've adopted Bei. When Teri came on Tuesday, I had spent the morning running to Walgreen's (because Bei is obsessed with Bubbles) and then onto Rainbow for my hour long shopping spree. I didn't have time to shower and my hair honestly looked like I put my finger in a light socket and then I'm having trouble with my left contact, so the glasses were on. Teri walked in and she wasn't here but 1 minute and she said, "Liz, did you know your shirt is on inside out"? NOT AGAIN!!! UGH!! (Remember I was at Walgreen's and Rainbow with a huge tag on my back...) This is some bad Karma coming back to haunt me! I never understood why mom's couldn't keep themselves together and look presentable at all times. Because I knew back then, prior to having Bei, that it couldn't be that hard to get ready in the morning with a child. I can hear my sisters snickering right now... Pay back is unkind...this wearing my clothes inside out and upside down is not working for me!
By the way, Teri and I had a great visit, Bei and Elizabeth got along perfectly. We spent one day at the beach and another one at the zoo. Bei took his first carnival ride at the zoo, he wasn't too crazy for it.
The baptism was really nice. It was an outdoor service at 8:30 in the morning and it still got really hot! Dan spent the service stealing Bei's blank and wiping the sweat from his forehead (we washed the blankee when we got home). I think Bei was like get your own blankee man! Dan's mom had a really nice brunch afterwards where Bei got to open lots of really cool presents! As I've mentioned before, he doesn't like TV or Video's, however he received Veggie Tales and he absolutely loves it. We spent all afternoon today dancing to Veggie Tales. They are really cute songs!

Lastly, I have to mention we saw another black bear! My sister Jeannine spotted him in the WATER!!! It was so exciting, here was the cutest little bear swimming from the mainland to one of the islands. He looked like a little stuffed animal bobbing up and down in the water. I was amazed at how quickly he could swim. We followed him in the boat. We were so disappointed because not one of us had a camera on us. We all used our cell phones to capture pictures, but I don't know how to upload my pictures.


Cousin Time

Dan and Bei reflecting on life

Bei showing the kids his motorcycle

Bei's not quite sure if he wants the hunting cap on him yet

Bei took a picture of Morgan!
Mark and his family pulled their camper over on Friday. We had a really nice time with them. Morgan helped me give Bei a bath and asked me alot of questions. "Do you always feed Bei in the bathtub?" Sometimes...but don't tell Grandma Dene... "Does Bei like his bathwater freezing cold?" Oops, my hand was freezing when it went into the tub, so it made the water feel warmer than what it was...sorry Bei. He loves water, so it probably doesn't matter how cold it is. It was nice to get to spend time with Mark's kids. Blake is a fishing fool, he loves to fish!! Both the kids caught enough fish that on Sunday we had a fish fry! And Morgan loved doting on Bei. Fun was had by all!


Saving the world...one turtle at a time...

We spent alot of time frog hunting!

Kelly spent hours pushing Bei around the yard, while Gina was the pitt crew. Gina would try to be the pusher/driver, but Bei always wanted Kelly. Finally on the last day he gave Gina her opportunity to be driver! Yeah Gina!

The race crew, Kelly Driver, Bei Rider and Gina Pitt Crew

Bei's new hip hop look with his "chick"entourage

Bei has an artistic side, he enjoys ceramic painting! Yep, that is a big monster truck, it turned out wonderful and he did it all himself!

My brother Nick and his family came up to the cabin for a week. Bei really enjoyed the girls, we spent alot of time frog hunting, Nick's girls are absolutely crazy over frogs and turtles. Let me explain how "reptile" nutty this family is; we were having a peaceful drive on a quiet country road, when a turtle was spied in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, I'm minding my own business enjoying the scenery when the next thing I know, my face is plaster on the back of my sister in laws head! She slammed on the brakes, the kids without hesitation jumped out the car, ran down the road and "saved" the poor turtle by helping him cross the road. This seemed like a fire drill or something that they practiced readily. Nothing needed to be said, mom knew her job, to slam my neck in a unearthly position, girls jump single file from the vehicle and run quickly down the road. From my vantage point the turtle was doing fine on his own and probably wondered what the heck just happened to him...kind of like me! Seriously, Bei loved catching the frogs and they didn't bring the turtle to him because it had leaches on it's back and they thought it would scare him. They are good girls!
Dan's brother Mark and his family pulled their camper over to our cabin after my brother left and finished off the weekend with us. My next blog will include pictures of their family. It was great week, but Bei and I were both exhausted!

"Hey Bei, look at my new groovy hat!"


Bei is a frog

At the beach with Lily and her mom Kim
I'm a frog and I'm cute!

See my frog eye's?

We are heading up north for a week, so I thought I better post some pictures. Last week when we were at the cabin, there was a black bear in our yard! Yikes! I had carried Bei up the steps from the lake and Dan followed me shortly afterwards and said did you see the bear? No! So I looked and it was way too close for my comfort. Basically, we had walked right by it and didn't see it.
This morning Bei and I were eating breakfast and I was laughing because there are a few things that Bei will learn about me. As most people know this about me, I do everything fast, I walk fast and I eat fast. The eating thing is something that I'm going to have to slow down and figure out. I pulled Bei's little table in the kitchen and made waffles for him. I thought he was done with them because he ate some and then left the table. Of course I did what most mom's do, I ate the rest of what was on his plate. Lo and behold, he comes back and looks for his food and says "more"? Oops, your scavenger mom ate the rest of it and there are "no more". Sorry, little guy, you can lick the plate if you want, I wont' tell. I feel bad but realize that I do that to him all the time. He is either doing the 56 chew count or he is part squirrel. So note to self, slow down and when you think Bei is done eating he is not!

Here is another interesting thing about Bei. Dan has hypnotized him into watching baseball! This is a little boy that turns the TV off the minute I turn it on. He won't watch Barney, he won't watch the cartoons in the morning and he definitely won't watch Dr. Phil. So I figure Dan is either drugging him or has promised him something big. But if baseball is on he will sit and watch it and say "Watch" and point to the screen. When the ball is struck he says "oooooooo" and if they drop the ball he says "ooooohh". He loves it! And so does his dad!

Have a great weekend!