More of Hit the Jackpot!

As our caption states, we hit the Chinese Jackpot!! Bei is everything I thought he would be and much more. He truly is wonderful and feels like he is meant to be our child. First impressions of him are that he is extremely stoic, curious, loving and happy. He is yearning to be loved, wants to be hugged and cuddled and seeks out his daddy's approval.

We arrived at the Civil Affairs office in Nanjing at 2:00 p.m. Clients from another adoption agency were already there receiving their babies. Immediately, some of our group received their children because they had come from other orphanages. The process was very informal, as parents identified their child, they would walk up to them and start engaging them in activities with soothing voices. The Suzhou children still had not arrived, so we waited and shared in the joy of the other parents. Personally, I was very quiet and sat on the couch and just watched because I wanted to keep my emotions in check. Our guide had suggested that we all try to be 'Chinese' and control our emotions for the sake of the children. I felt very emotional, so it was hard for me not to cry. Finally the Suzhou children were spied coming into the building. There were two little girls and then Bei, he looked very bewildered. As he walked past our window he looked straight at me and I waved and said hi Bei, Bei. It was a split second in time but I know he saw me and we were connected.

By the time he came into the room, he was in the nannies arms. I moved over so she could sit by him us and help transition him, like I saw the other nannies from the other orphanages do with the other families. Instead, she put him on the couch and walked away. Dan and I offered him treats and he stoically looked at us and just took everything in. After about 5 minutes he started to whine, so I grabbed him and put him on my lap. He immediately nestled his little body into the curvature of my body. He still wouldn't smile or laugh but he was content.

We ended up going to a store and I held him the entire time. As we waited for other parents Dan brought a ball out and he and Dan played ball. He still wasn't smiling but in all that time he never cried once.

We came back to the hotel and he sat on my lap and played cars and ball with his daddy. It really took him no time to warm up to Dan with smiles and laughing, but always sitting on my lap. He fell asleep in my arms and I held him a long time afterward, he so wants to be held, you can feel it. Right now, I'm his security but we are hoping that he will let Dan hold him today.

He is so very loved and I can't wait til he wakes up today to find out more about him. He slept with us and will continue to as the hotel has no cribs.

Love you all, thank you for the support, prayers and well wishes.


stephLAgwca said...

i bawled like a baby, liz... he looks wonderful in your arms!

Kathy said...

Well Liz,
What can I say is you look so natural with that little darling, and I'm sure he can already feel the love.