We have only had him three days!!

Here are a few pictures from our day. When Bei is in our room, he is the biggest ham. Smiling, trying to get Dan and I to smile, which is not hard with him around, but when he is out in public he has the stoic face which is shown in the picture with Sarah in it. He is just one of those kids that it will take him a longer time to warm up to outsiders. That is why I find it so amazing that he warmed up to Dan and I so quickly.
In the Chinese Zodiac he is the sign of the dog, can you believe it? Most of you know that Dan and I are dog lovers. Anyway, one of the best things that I did previous to coming is I went out and read about the Dog's personality in the Chinese Zodiac and it pegged Bei's personality to a Tee. Based on the zodiac and the orphanage description, I had a picture in my mind of what type of person he would be and he fits the description, the only surprise to me is how silly he is and how much he loves to laugh. I'm also suprised at what a cuddler and snuggler he is with me. Dan and I are still amazed that we got this great kid!!

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