More pictures of second day with Bei!

Okay, my computer is acting up and won't let me go to the hard drive to get the pictures, so I'll write about our day and have Dan the techno master work his magic.
We officially named our son Daniel Bei Krueger, but we are calling him Bei or Bei Bei. I just can't express to you what a wonderful child he is! Perhaps, we are in the honeymoon stage with one another but it has been a GREAT honeymoon. He is so mild manner, it is really hard to rattle his cage. Believe me, we are trying not to, he just wants to be held and cuddled and he loves to laugh and make others laugh. It just all feels so right, like he is ours and was always meant to be ours.
Today we went to the Civil Affairs office to make Bei officially ours! We came back and ate lunch and then we all took a nap! Bei wanted to sleep on top of me and of course, I let him. He is a lover. We all needed to take a nap because Dan spent all night working on getting the video's working and we have had such computer problems. So he was exhausted, as well as Bei and I since he wants to be held all the time by me. I told one of the other mothers that I was concerned that Bei couldn't walk and she reminded me that we watched him walk in from the van. So the little guy is sand bagging me, but I love it! Dan and I had our first poopie diaper, we learned a few lessons, don't start the changing process until you have everything ready, like a fresh diaper, wipes, etc. Bei was looking at us like he was adopted by Bozo the Clowns :-) Some, of the other first this afternoon is that we have been fully examined by Bei. Bei has noticed that Dan is a big hairy american, he pulled his whiskers and then noticed his arm hair. He looked up both of our noses and we must of passed the inspection. Plus, he wanted to pull a scab off of my arm. His touch is very gentle and he hasn't been aggressive in any way. You can tell he is exploring. He is very funny about being clean. If he gets anything on his hands, he wants us to wipe it immediately. It seems that all the children from the Suzhou orphanage are similarly clean. Tonight, we gave him a bath and then laid him down for bed. He was exhausted and for the first time didn't want me to hold him. I laid next to him and he would touch me, but if I touched back he would pull away. Everything is on his terms at the moment and that is fine. He is the GREATEST kid!! One last thing, he is super teeny tiny, which I knew but I guess I didn't realize he would be in 12 month clothes. So we brought 18 month clothes and the pants are swimming on him, but Dan is really good with the safety pins that I brought and we are pinning his clothes up. Well, it is getting late, so I'm going to sign off.
Thanks again to everyone emailing us at danlizk@comcast.net! We enjoy receiving your emails and wish that we could email back but haven't figured it out or had the time to do it.
God Bless!

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Dan you're a natural Daddy! ;)