Dan has been claimed by Bei!!!

Today has been a great day for Dan! He finally was claimed by Bei. Bei awoke from his nap and was inconsolable. Dan picked him up and tried to console him and then gave him to me. I still couldn't console him, so I laid him on the bed and then Dan talked really soothing to him in his deep rumbling Johnny Cash voice and the next thing we knew he was reaching out his arms to Dan to hold him. Dan held him and cuddled him for a long time. It was really heartwarming and I could tell Dan was really pleased.

Another biggee, is that Bei gave Dan at least 5 kisses today. It is so nice that they are bonding and that Bei is willing to go to him, because it gets to be alot when you are the sole caretaker, even though we have Dan running around like a maid.

Another big thing that happened today is that we went to the park today for a few hours. Bei loves to push his stroller. I was helping to guide the stroller and he was babbling and all of a sudden our guide Michelle smiled and started talking to him. She told me Bei said "Mom, this is mine". I was so delighted, I asked if he really said Mom and she said yes that is exactly what he said! I was tickled pink!!! I realize now that I never asked Michelle what she said back to him. Bei talks often but I hadn't given it much thought since he is only two. I wish we could spend more time with Michelle and she could tell me what he is saying. Fortunately, we don't seem to have any problem communicating, he snaps his fingers and Dan and I run...or at least Dan is at the moment. I started repeating the Chinese words that he says and sometimes I get a smile from him. Dan said I should give it up because I have a tin ear, linguistics is definitely not my strength.

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Kathy said...

HURRAY!! Great things are happening every day!!