Ooops, I meant to send a picture with the previous one.

This is moments before the meltdown at the Confuscious Temple. As mentioned our picture taking hasn't been that good. One thing is that we have a camera that reacts as quickly as the old ones from the Civil war. We should have gone out and bought a new one but we didn't, we have lots on video tape instead.


Sue said...

Okay you both!!! I now Have Started Crying, I cant wait for both of you to get back home with Him, This has been so Fun To Watch the Bonding That has happened between the three of you!!! How Cool!!!! Bring Him Home so we can Love Him Too!!!!!

Love The Kings

Bowefive said...

Hi you three!
We can't wait to meet Bei Bei. He is so cute! You are doing a great job with him-pretty soon you won't be able to keep up. Love ya! Laurie, Dan & Kids