Two more nights in Guangzhou

Our American Consulate appointment was today and all the paperwork is finalized. Everything went smoothly. Our very efficient guide Michelle, went to the consulate for us and we just had to stay in our rooms to wait by the phone in case there was any problem with our paper work. We also had the honorary "Red Couch" picture taken at our hotel today. It is customary for every adoption group to have a picture taken with the kids and then parents and kids. It was chaos!

I wanted to share with you that we found out that Bei was saying he was afraid of the fish. There are birds right by the couch and Bei had the same reaction to the birds as he did to the fish and Michelle told us he said he is afraid. He would say it, but then laugh, so you can just tell he has a pretty easy disposition overall. He is happy as long as he is getting everything he wants and he throws a tantrum only when we say no or take anything away. We are still stunned that he was in an orphanage, but all the parents say the same, their kids behave the same way. Bei has actually gotten better with time. He really is a great kid!!!!

Dan is dreading the trip home and my strategy is not to think about it. Keeping my head in the sand has worked before for me before and I'll continue to do it. I figure I will deal with it when I'm there and I don't want to fret about it because there is nothing I can do about it. Bei is going to cry, throw a tantrum, but he will also sleep and be okay. We'll deal with it as it comes.

One last thing before I post the pictures, remember a few posts back when Dan told me to give up trying to talk in Chinese because I have a Tin Ear? Well, back in Beijing the group spent half the day touring the Temple of Heaven. Our guide Jerry had a strong Chinese accent and you had to pay attention to what he said, well Dan spent the half the day thinking he was at the "Temple of Kevin". Oh, that made me laugh when he told me couldn't wait to tell his brother Kevin about the famous Chinese "Temple of Kevin". Talk about a tin ear...

Here are the pictures from today. Enjoy!

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