Christmas 2011

 The kids had fun decorating cookies at Aunt Julie's house on Christmas Eve.

Uh oh...what does my handsome little boy have in his hand???   It looks like one of Auntie Julie's beautiful glass ornaments!   Julie are you down an ornament???? 

 Bei would love to have older siblings...he just loves the attention that he gets from his cousins.  Elly and Bei had fun racing down the staircase together.

Let me tell you...it is embarrassing when both your father and mother in law can work circles around you.   I have never met two people who work harder than Bob and Rudene.  Dan came by his strong work ethic honestly.  Hopefully, he can instill that type of work ethic in our kids.  

 Here is the Engineer and the Scientist together.  Since Bei wants to be a Scientist Grandma and Grandpa bought him a bunch of science project kits and a microscope.   Bei was proudly listing all the planets to me today;  Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Michigan... 

Here are my two little Scientist in the morning working on a cooking project.  Bei is really making our pancakes for breakfast. 

I couldn't leave out my favorite little Nemesis, Elvis.   His most recent terrorizing of me is puking in my van and chewing all the DVD wires so that the kids can't watch movies in the car any longer and eating about 20 ornaments off of the tree before I realized what was going on.  I hope at least he got a little bit of a zap when he chewed through them.   Don't worry, I love the little guy but he drives me a little crazy at times.     


My Kids Wear Clothes...It's A Rule!!

 These are pictures from this summer.  Playing mini-golf in Hayward.

I'm responding to both Becky and Jeannine who commented on the last blog post about my unclothed kids.  The funny thing is that I have a rule that Bei has to wear at least what we call a "daddy shirt" which is a white t-shirt.   But as you both know, I am not a very good rule follower.   Luckily, Bei is a real rule follower and wants to make sure that he nor I break the rules.    Sometimes when he goes on Wii he ask me to turn on the timer, so he doesn't play too long.   If I tell him to stop doing something or I am going to punish him we get into a very lengthy discussion about the specifics of the punishment.   He will want to know the what, how, who, where, when and by the time we are finished discussing it he definitely is not doing the behavior that deserves the punishment.   I once gave him a punishment of not being on the computer for the day and he said "mom, that is not tough enough, you need to do like 4 days".   Okay!  4 days it is!   He is definitely a kid that likes to please his parents with good behavior.  Which reminds me that we got Bei's report card this week.   I showed it to Dan when he got home from work and this is what he said, "Honestly Liz...6 absence and 8 Tardy's!"   Make that 9 Dan, the very next day we were late!!!   Luckily, I have a special needs kid and can throw that card on the table.   I go to the office and they look at me and I just nod towards Kai and give them the look and they write "Ride Late."   Come on! Why can't they write "screaming insane inconsolable child in the morning" or least  "little brother had gas".    So every year I have the same New Years Resolution;   Don't be a back seat driver   Now my new  New Years resolution is no tardy's beginning 2012.   It would make my little rule follower very happy...except on Mass days, he always wants to be late. 

Kai Update;  Kai walked downstairs repeatedly by himself, one foot after the other.   I have to give Dan all the credit because he was playing with him on the steps and he had the confidence that Kai could do it without his assistance.   He probably went up and down the steps 40 times...by himself!   This is HUGE!!!   Stairs have been a problem from a safety point of view.   Balancing on one foot to reach your other foot down to the next step is extremely hard for a person with Ataxia.    That little boy is such an inspiration to me!   'For Kai there are no problems, only solutions'.   Love that little boy!!! 


Scattered Pictures

Do you see the little fence made of toys that Kai built for himself?   He loves to play in this corner with the teddy bear behind him and then close himself in with the toys.   You can see his little buddy is in there with him.

 I really didn't know much about this Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, except I kept seeing people post comments on face book.     My sister Jeannine bought this for me for an early Christmas present!  So when I was explaining the story to Bei about how the Elf has magic powers and flys to the North Pole every night to report back to Santa, Bei's eyes just got bigger and bigger and he was busting at the seams with excitement!   I am so not a poker face and I cracked up laughing...his excitement was just so cute.   Dan pulled me aside later and jokingly said, "Gee's Liz, why don't you just tell him there is no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy while you are at it".    He still believes because he is so excited every morning to see where the Elf has landed. 

And let me tell you that little boy does believe the Elf is magic because he is fleecing me out of a lot of money every night.   Bei had $.30 cents in change and told me that he wanted to put it under his pillow to see what happened.   I couldn't disappoint the little guy so I changed the $.30 to $3.00 and it came with a note from the Elf saying how proud he was of Bei's behavior, etc, etc.   Well we are on night 4 of money under the pillow and the Elf is going to have to break the news to this little boy that he isn't going to be getting money every night for the rest of his life.   Tough job for Elf to do, hopefully he is gentle about it. 

Did I share with you that Bei wants to be a Scientist?   Yeah for Bei!   We have been spending alot of time "experimenting".    We have made homemade fingerpaint, that actually turned about beautiful, homemade clay and we made chocolate cookies without eggs, just to name a few things.   If you ever need a homemade weapon, make the cookies without eggs, they are as hard as rocks. 

Here is some of the homemade fingerpaints

Kai likes making clay too!  Maybe he is going to be a scientist too! 
P.S.  Tomorrow will be 7 straight days of Kai wearing his hearing aids from morning until bedtime...excuse me while I go knock on wood!  


Denied Again!

Is there anything more precious than sleeping children?

We found out today that Kai was denied our second request to go to the public Deaf and HOH school.  In the first meeting I didn't really understand the dynamics going on in the room, but this time the Deaf/HOH teacher came and she laid it out on the line.  She said, that they don't feel that they can accomodate him at this time.  They said, the room is too crowded and the classroom is geared towards 4 year olds.  They are willing to consider him in the fall when they move to a new building which will be in the town that we live in.   What my school district is offering me instead is 2 afternoons a week, where Kai will be in a pre-school setting at an elementary school.    He will have a special ed teacher, speech and Deaf and HOH teacher.   They will also provide him PT and OT services.   Additionally, they will install a sound system for him which will amplify the teacher's voice.    I told them that I would need to come and evaluate the school before I agreed to it.   The pre-school is new and won't start up until January. 
In the meantime, we are still considering the private school that costs a bundle.  I am going to go look at it again on Monday.   We are looking at going only 3 days a week and if he went for a full year, for only the 3 days it would cost us over $19,000 a year.   Once he moves out of the toddler program the cost raises to $30,000 a year.   OUCH!   Some school districts pay for it but ours won't without a fight.   At this point, I am not stressing about it because I believe God has a plan for him.   I just need to watch it unfold.  

I wanted to share with you some good things that are happening to Kai.   He is going to be fitted with braces that will fit in his shoes and go up to his ankles.  YaHOO!!!!!!    As a reminder, Kai has what is medically defined as Ataxia.   I call it "Drunken Sailor Condition", but it really is a balance issue due to malformation or trauma to his cerebellum (base of skull).   I have been really concerned about Kai's walking lately.   He falls ALOT!  He walks around with his toes curled under his feet and/or he walks on the side of his feet and/or the balls of his feet, he hyper-extends his knee's.  He is doing everything within his power to compensate for his balance issue's and to walk.   He is such a hard little worker!!  Anyway, I am excited that he will get fitted for braces because he needs the help.   The physical therapist warned me that he may need to learn to walk all over again, but I am okay with it.   

Also, we got Kai's hearing aid back from the audiologist and he has been a champ about wearing both of them.    Tonight we were playing basketball down in the basement and I told him to sign me "more" before I would give him the ball.   Instead, he put his lips together and said "mo"!!!!  That is better than any sign he could give me!   Bless his little heart!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you that I was able to visit with my family down in Chicago.  We flew down on Friday and came back on Monday.   It really did my heart, my spirit and attitude good to be with my family. 


Kai Kai Sweetie Pie Update!

 The best way for me to get Kai to wear his hearing aids is to turn on music.  He loves the Einstein Playdate (I don't even know what it is called and I am too lazy to go look right now) and Raffi the best. 

 A dance party usually breaks out once the music starts.

 Kai is down to one hearing aid because one of them is not working.   It has been a week since he has been without it but I hope it comes in tomorrow.

 The big news of the month is that effective November 20th...Kai has been seizure free for 6 months!!!   The longest he has ever gone without a seizure!   It would be a blessing for him if he grows out of having seizures.   By the way, Kai's latest dance move is dropping to his head in the tumble stance. 

Bei loved doing the tumble dance move too.  

I was hoping to have an update on Kai's schooling.  I have heard "unofficially" that the public Deaf and Hard of Hearing School is willing to take him.   Previously,  they denied him because of his physical needs and they said they wouldn't be able to provide him the Physical and Occupational Therapy that he needs.   (I am not even asking the public school to provide him with those services since I take him to private therapy.)   According to my source they said they would find services for him and bring them in house for Kai.  Well I won't turn down any service for him.  Anyway, this is a totally different tune then what I heard before at the first meeting.   One of the members on Kai' child intervention team went and advocated for him.   She has an "in" with that school and she has a soft place for Kai.   I am so lucky to have her on my team and advocating for Kai.   Now the sticking point is getting my school district to agree.  As much as I don't want to be away from Kai, I know that he needs more services than I can provide.   We are however starting to use sign language.   Kai not only "signs" up, but he will say "uh, uh".   I feel like he is really starting to make some huge strides in his development.   I realize the kids look a little ragtag in the pictures above but I wanted to share their joyful happy spirits.    I am so lucky that I have two very naturally happy kids!!


Being Bullied!

 Bei and Dan's relationship has really grown and deepened in the past year.  They definitely are buddies.

When Bei did his first homework assignment, I thought "uh oh...he hasn't lost his Chinese because surely that was not English that he was trying to write."    It is amazing how improved his work has become in such a short amount of time.

It is not Bei getting Bullied at his school, BUT me!   Let me tell you about the first encounter.   This was during the time that Kai had been really sick for two weeks.   It didn't matter that Kai is covered in hives, is sicker than a dog, I still have to schlepp him along with me to and from Bei's school.   Anyway, there is a bench that the 1/2 day mom's sit on outside Bei's classroom while we are waiting for our kids to be let out of the classroom.   During the time that we are sitting there, the first graders walk down towards us to get to the lunch room.   So I am sitting there with Kai on my lap and I am giving him a bottle.   It not my usual routine but he is sick this day, and just wants to lie on my lap and take a bottle.   The first graders are led out of their room by Sister Perpetua (honestly her real "sister" name) and I notice "Little Miss Bossy Pants" right away.   She is telling the other kids to stay in line, she is overly concerned about what every one else is doing.   When she gets to the end of the hall where we are, she stops and stands right in front of Kai and I.   She doesn't say anything but starts looking him up and down like she is examining him for a medical appointment.   Finally she looks up at me and announces  "He is WAY too big for a bottle!"   Now I am exhausted, Kai hasn't slept for a week, he is screaming all night long and now little Miss Bossy Pants wants me to answer to her.   In my tired state I decide to lay down the gauntlet to her and say "Really?  How old do you think he is?"   She assesses the situation, re-examines him and states "He is 3 years old!"     HA!! YOU FOOL!  I want to scream but didn't think it was prudent since I am 40 years older than this little girl.   Instead I say, "Well he is only 2 years old...na, na, nana!"  Okay...I didn't say na nana...but I wanted to.    By this time, the little girls class has been gone for a good 5 minutes...I bet Sister Perpetua is grateful for the 5 minutes without Miss Bossy Pants.     Later that same week, I kid you not, this same little girl had another mom (not her own mom) pinned up against the wall asking her questions.   I just heard the mom kept repeating "Bossy Pants (insert her real name) you should go back to your class room now"   I think I saw fear in this womans eyes or desperation to help her get out of the situation.   I kept my head down and was grateful it wasn't me. 
The second bullying encounter is more of an exclusion of being with the 'cool kids' -  the 8th graders!   Every Wednesday Bei's school has to attend Mass in the morning.   In order to help the Kindergarteners learn the Mass they pair each Kindergarten child with an 8th grade buddy...Mass buddy's.   Now isn't that a sweet concept?   I really think it is a great idea, except our 8th grade buddy refuses to sit with us!  Okay, let me back track to explain how I am lucky enough to be going to Mass every Wednesday.   Bei loves his teacher, he loves his school, he loved the idea of having a Mass buddy,  but he hates Mass!  I would have to carry Bei in literally kicking and screaming to school on Wednesdays because he didn't want to go to Mass.   Honestly, carrying Bei into school one or two Wednesdays kicking and screaming is a feat in itself!    I already have a special needs child who needs to be carried and it is not like I get to park by the school.  That is left for buses and kid drop off.   The only thing that would calm Bei down is if I go to Mass with him...I guess his philosphy is misery loves company.   Thanks Bei!   Now believe me I am not the only mom attending Mass with her Kindergarten child and their Mass buddy is at least willing to sit with them.   I admit that there are alot of valid reasons why our Mass buddy might not want to sit with us.   It could be the fact that I am usually doing a full blown aerobic work out and weight training with Kai while sitting at church.   Look at that woman is wearing that child on her head, oh...no...now he is upside down and climbing down her back...oops...she didn't have the strength to hold him by his ankles and he fell to the pew hitting his head and now he is screaming...not for long...he is passing out...thank goodness...at least he is quiet!   Personally, I think the event that put our Mass buddy over the edge with us was when right as communion had started Kai's head got stuck in between the kneeler and the floor and I couldn't get it out.  Our entire row had gone through communion and I am on all four's still trying to get Kai's head unstuck when they return from getting the Eucharist.    That pretty much was the end of our Mass Buddy.   The following Wednesday Bei's teacher told me that Mass Buddy's mom called and said that he feels 'uncomfortable' sitting by us.   ME TOO!  I wouldn't want to sit by me either!   He is 14, he probably goes home and hugs his mom and tells her how lucky he is to have a normal mom.     Now I bring Kai's bottle to church to keep him settled...but that brings up the whole issue of dodging  Miss Bossy Pants. 
The last situation was this past Wednesday where I was apologizing to a 14 year old girl for being loud in church.   Kai was pretty good but was getting restless towards the end of Mass.   He started playing with the hymnal book which sits in a wooden grate on the back of the seat in front of us.   A girl two pews ahead turned around and gave me "the look".   I meekly mouthed "sorry" to her and she gave me 'the nod' like an old school marm.    I think she might be Miss Bossy Pants older sister.
So that is my life of being bullied at the Catholic School!


School for Kai?

All the boys, including Elvis loved playing with the marbles!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are overwhelmed with emotion that you didn't even know you were feeling, until you burst into tears?  This happened to me recently when I visited a private deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) school called  N@rthern Voices.   It is a curriculum that teaches children to listen with the hearing that they have and to speak English.  Sign language is not a part of their curriculum.    Anyway,  I had been there a half an hour and the more I saw, the more hope I had for Kai Kai Sweetie Pie.   The clincher for me was when they brought me to a boy that came into the school in March 2011 at age 4 and was totally non-verbal (like Kai) and he was saying to his teacher "pour water".    Those two words, did me in...the water works began!   Very embarrassing to the say the least, but I realize how much stress I have been carrying around about Kai's language development.     I have been receiving literature from the Deaf and HOH teacher about language development and it is STRESSING ME out!!!  In a good way though because it forced me to get Kai's hearing aids in and keep them in.  I would LOVE for Kai to go to this school but we will have to figure it out from a financial stand point.   It is EXTREMELY expensive.   This school is about 20 to 30 minutes away, can you imagine if I am driving both boys to school how late we are going to be each and every day...yikes!   Oh well, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

There are two other options for Kai.  One is a Deaf and HOH school that is in another school district but is in colloboration with our school district to send  hearing impaired kids there.   They turned Kai down the first time we requested to go there due to his physical needs.    After visiting  N@rthern Voices I went back to them and said this is crazy that I will have to spend $19,000 a year to send my child to a HOH school, when there is one that is available to taxpayers in our district.   We worked out a proposal that was submitted where Kai would go 3 days to the HOH school and then get Physical Therapy and Speech from our district the other two days.   I heard unofficially that my coordinator said "that is the Cadillac version and that Kai is not getting the Cadillac."    Argh...money, politics, ego's!   These are the same people that come into my house weekly to provide services and tell me that they are advocating for my son to go to the HOH school.   So now I will have to put on my fighting gloves and fight the school district  if I want the public HOH option.   I haven't even toured the public HOH school yet, but I have heard it is really good.  

The second public option is to send him a charter school called the Metro Deaf and Hard of Hearing School in St. Paul.  It is a bilingual program where they are taught American Sign Language and English.   I am sure this is all about funding and the school district doesn't want to lose the money is my guess.   Frustrating to say the least.

The hardest part for me is the fact that I really don't want him to go to school.   I don't want to be away from him.   It took so long for him to bond and now he has become a momma's boy.   A mom on another blog wrote that she really started enjoying her kids when they were 4 years old.   For me, I LOVE 2 year olds!!!!   Kai and I have so much fun  together, we snuggle alot and dance and play with his toys.  He is such a wonderful little boy, I LOVE him so much!   I hate the thought of him not being with me 24 hours a day.     BUT,  I realize I have to take myself out of the equation and do what is best for my little guy and not what is best for me.   HARD! HARD! HARD!  The good news is that I am letting go of the anger and frustration of all of this with the knowledge that God has a plan for Kai.    Could it be that God just wants my little boy to stay home with me????????   I know, I know,  wishful thinking on my part!

Quick update on Kai's hearing aids...he continues to wear them!  Yeah for Kai Kai Sweetie Pie!


Sharing Stuff!

I wanted to share with you some of the idea's and things I have learned from reading other peoples blogs.  

These are canvas prints of photographs that I had taken.   The company can be found at this link http://www.easycanvasprints.com/pictures-on-canvas/    This is so easy to do; you decide on the size of your canvas, upload your picture, pick out the type of frame you want and then you order it.   The quality is really nice and they come with a hanger already attached.  I received these within a week.   Bonus!  I also received 17 gift cards for $10 each when I received the pictures.  They expire on December 31, 2011 and I would love to give you one if you are going to order.   If you want a gift card for $10.00 send me your email at Danlizk@comcast.net  or leave a comment and I will mail the card out to you.   It will be a first come first serve.  

For Kai's pictures you'll notice that I picked a black "frame" which are the top, bottom and sides of the pictures.   For Bei's I had the picture continuously wrap around.   I personally like the black frame better than the wrap around.  We are still trying to figure out where we are going to hang the pictures.  

I learned of this Easy Canvas Prints from a blogger named Lisa.   She is an adoptive mom and a photographer.   The pictures that she took while in China really caught the essence of China.   Her blog is www.thelongroadtochina.com 

The boys and I get up 2 hours before school and ironically we were still getting to school late several times a week.   Ugh!  I am to blame for part of the issue because I am a breakfast Nazi about the kids having a cooked meal before school.    I am a person who is hungry every 2 hours, and if I don't eat...forget it!  I am cranky, lose interest in what I am doing and pretty much shut down.   So I guess I assume other people are like that, so I shovel food into the kids every 2 hours starting with a nice warm breakfast.   It is usually consists of 2 eggs on Hashbrowns.   The second part of why I was struggling to get us to school on time is that I was getting 3 people fed, dressed and out the door.   Bei and I are quite the pair...he loves to be dependent on me and I am a huge enabler!!!   Let's hope that this doesn't translate into a 35 year old Bei still living in my home!!!  He already tells me that he doesn't ever want to go to College because he doesn't want to live away from me.    Anyway, I implemented a reward system for Bei where he would get a sticker if he fed himself, dressed himself, brush teeth and comb his hair, said his prayers.   He gets a bonus sticker if he was a good listener.  Once he receives 30 stickers he can purchase an inexpensive item.   His first purchase was an IPad App.   He is now working towards marbles.   This has been a life changing reward system for the both of us, but mostly Bei.  We are getting to school on time, mornings are fun and easy the way that they should be.  The second picture listed above is of an art project the boys did BEFORE school, because we have alot of time now!  

Once Bei started Kindergarten I realized immediately that I was going to have to get organized.   He has homework that is due.  There are library books to keep track of and return, not to mention all of Kai's therapy's and doctor appointments.    I have my normal date book that I keep track in but then on Sunday evenings I then outline the week which is the picture above.  Included are the words and letter that Bei is working on for that week.  I learned this over at www.memoriesoncloverlane.com     Sarah who writes this blog is  super organized,  can multi-tasked like nobodys business and is wonderfully creative.   

Lastly, I learned about this program called Reading Eggs www.readingeggs.com  It is a great program for pre-schoolers and Elementary Kids that are learning to read.   It costs around $70 for 12 months and they offer a free trial.    We did the free trial and Bei enjoyed it for the most part.  The benefit of this program is that it is a rewards program.  Once you complete a lesson then you receive Eggs that can be traded in to play a fun on-line game.    I learned about this from a mom named  Stefanie who has a boat load of kids.   Her blog is  www.nihaoyall.com


My Favorite Things!

I recently called my sister Nanette to thank her for teaching me how to use bleach with my laundry! It is crazy that I am well into my 40's and never had used bleach because I didn't know how to do it without ruining my clothes.    Anyway, it got me thinking of all the simple pleasures in my life that make it easier and how I really couldn't do without some of these. So here is my list of simple pleasures and why.  

This is really a three fold simple pleasure; a main floor laundry room - oh my gosh, how did I do without?   No wonder the laundry never got done!   Love the fact that it is easy to get to and I don't have to be running down to the basement.   Secondly, I love the new front end washer and dryer.   You can do such more laundry.   Lastly, the laundry sink is a Godsend!   Kai for a while really needed a daily bath because he gets a bottle at night and sometimes the milk gets on him and he is pretty stinky.   My mom suggested I bath him in the laundry tub every morning and it has worked out perfectly.   He loves it, he is clean and fresh as a daisy with very little hassle.  LOVE LOVE LOVE my main floor laundry room!

Does it get any simpler than this?  I don't know what you call these but they catch all the food when you rinse dishes.   We are out in the country and need to be very careful what gets down the drain because we have a septic system.  Doesn't the normal drain stopper always sits in the sink cockeyed?   All these big chunks of food are running down the drain and you wonder why do I have that cockeyed drain in there?   Anyway, this has really fixed the problem for me.   I use this side to rinse and drain foods and wash my dishes on the other side.  My mother in law Rudene suggested this to me and I am on my second one. 

I am not sure what this is called, maybe a lenard?   I am a scatterbrain on my best days.   Honestly, if my head wasn't attached to my body I would spend the day looking for it.   That was my life before I found this lenard or let's call it a key chain.   By the way, Dan hates this lenard or key chain thingy and refuses to wear it.   He must think it is like wearing a sign saying "I am too stupid to keep track of my keys unless they are wrapped around my head".    And yes, I have had a few days that I have looked for my keys and they were wrapped around my neck...but those days are few and far between. 

My computer (with all little fingerprint smudges and all) is definitely my very favorite item because it keeps me connected to the outside world.   My life as I use to know it has shrunk dramatically since getting the kids.   My social world is through the computer.   I read the yahoo news and  I am on several adoption yahoo groups, I love getting emails and keeping up with facebook.   Even this blog is one of my ways to stay connected to all of you and I need my trusty computer to do it.  Feel free to share your favorites!


Another Hearing Day!

Do you see it?  He wore his hearing aids today for approximately 6 hours.   This morning when I first put them in he fought me and then decided he was going to pass out.  I stayed the course this time and didn't let the passing out dissuade me.    All the easier for me to put them in while he is unconscious...right?   Good news is that I got them in before he passed out and then he settled right down...no passing out.   He wore them initially for 1.5 hours.   After that I put them in two different times for about 2 hours each.   He is Mr. Independent and wants to do everything by himself and he gets mad that he can't put them in himself.   Please keep prayersthat we get Kai Kai Sweetie Pie wearing them every day.

Elly thanks for the Cheeseheads!   The boys love them! 

At least Bei and Katherine do!  I think Bei must have been eating a few CHEESEto. 

Oh...I guess Mr. Independent does too...he just wanted to put it on himself.  Anyway, thanks for thinking of the boys!   They will be wearing them on Sunday!  Go Packers! Go! 


Please Pray

Can I ask you all to please pray that Kai will start wearing his hearing aids?   Every day that goes by that he doesn't wear his hearing aids just puts him futher and further behind.    Did you know that you have a hearing age?   I did not know that but you do.   Kai's will always be delayed at least 2.5 years and probably 3 years if we don't get him wearing them.   A statistic that was recently thrown at me is if your child wears his hearing aids only 4 hours each day, it will take 6 years to give him as much listening experience as a normally hearing child accumulates in one year.   And silly me, I was so excited that Kai wore his hearing aids today for 45 minutes.   He has a long way to go, but at least the 45 minutes was a start.  

Anyway, please pray that he gets well (he is sick again) and that he will keep the hearing aids in all day, so that he can really start on a course of learning a verbal language.   We really really need prayers!!!! 


The Weekend

Well guess who is sick now?   Yep, it is Bei's turn.   He has a terrible cough and chest cold and just threw up about an hour ago.  Oh joy!  And I can tell that Kai now has Bei's cold.

It was so timely that my mom flew up from Chicago this weekend and I was able to spend some time nursing Bei back to health.  (Obviously I wasn't that great of a nurse since the kid just threw up).    As some of you know my mom is a laugher, she likes to see the funny in things and she pretty much didn't stop laughing all day Friday.   I think she was amazed at what a rascal Kai is and how quickly he goes from making one mess to another.     

 I decided to get rid of Kai's high chair, when he decided he no longer would sit in it...so I guess that means he decided it was time to go.   Anyway, this is the little table that the kids now sit in and it is working out great for the both of them.   Bei does his Kindergarten homework at this desk every week now too.   Yes!  Kindergartener's have homework.  

This is Bei's astronaut's suit that he will be wearing tomorrow for Halloween if he feels better.   His Aunt Julie bought this for him and he loves to wear it!

I like it with the Sponge Bob crown instead!

Here is a picture of my little rascal being upset because his mean mom wouldn't let him open and close the freezer door 5 million times.   

There are about 4 different faces that he makes from that first one to get to this one but I showed you how he starts and where he ends, lip out and chin up.   I usually can't stop from scooping him up and kissing his little face when he is sad.  He is so darn cute!


Picture Friday

One of the hardest things is for me to get Kai to look at the camera...so anytime I capture him looking directly at me I end up loving the picture. 

Love the intensity of Bei's face in this picture


The Chinese Ox

He loves his puppy dog, Elvis!

He has the greatest giggle!
Aren't those dimples to die for...he is just so darn kissable!

I realized recently that I have shared so much of Kai Kai Sweetie Pie's medical conditions but I haven't really described his personality in detail.   First of all this kid was born under the sign of the Ox in China which means he is a hard worker, which I have said over and over.   He is one of those kids that you can't take your eyes off of because he is so busy that he is into "trouble" all the time.    The other day he was reaching behind our couch and trying to tip over the floor lamp.  I got him distracted doing something else, turned my back for two minutes and he was standing on the armrest of the couch!   This little guy can hardly stand on the floor without falling...but he is one of those kind of kids.   He wants to do everything himself, yet I would not call him obstinate.   You can easily distract him into doing something else because he is so curious that he is willing to move onto the next thing.   Cognitively he is smart!  He puts puzzles together and puts all the right shapes in the right boxes.   He is copying almost everything Bei does these days.   The nice thing about Kai is that he can play by himself for hours at a time.    He absolutely LOVES music!  He has always been a very quiet little one and continues to be quiet.  I am sure that it has to do with his hearing impairment.  He is verbalizing more these days and when he is happy he squeals and I always say his sounds are a mix between Curious Gearge* and a Neanderthal man's grunts.   When he is sad his lower lip goes way out and he sticks out his chin and his eyes get all red and watery.    It is the perfect child's expression of I am sad and I want you to know!  I hope to capture it on camera one of these days   He is tough as nails and doesn't cry easily unless he is not feeling well.   He likes to be held and cuddled, tickled and kissed.   I am so blessed because I have not just one but two very sweet little boys.   Kai has never hit, he is all boy yet he isn't aggressive.   The little guy is just the happiest little thing on two feet.   I feel so lucky to have him in my life!  He has enhanced my life in so many ways that it would be hard to articulate it all.   All I can say is he a very LOVED little boy!

FYI - I misspell some words purposely in my blog post because I don't want my blog getting hits for things like the President or Curious Gearge, etc.   One of my most viewed post is Ear Tubes Results and I am sure it is because many mom's are putting those exact words in and then my blog pops up.

Lastly, please pray that Kai will start wearing his hearing aids.  He had another set of ear molds made, his third pair since August 8th because I am desperate to get him to wear them again.   Unfortunately the new molds did not make a difference.   His ENT doctor said that his left ear is still a little irritated so my other hope is that once that heals completely he will wear them.