Mommy and Daddy learn a few lessons on parenting

We found out that the Little Emperors cage can be rattle after all. Let me count the multiple of things that Dan and I did wrong today. We went on a the tour today, even though we are all exhausted, we didn't change Bei's diaper before we left, we didn't feed him enough food for breakfast, he was in too warm of a sweater and we cinched his pants too tight, so he probably had a stomach ache. Do you see where this is going? Meltdown!!! It was a very rough morning to say the least. We went to the Temple of Confuscious today and I have to say I didn't hear one word our guide told us. I was exhausted before the meltdown and emotionally exhausted afterward.

It was Bei's first cry with real tears and I have to admit it broke my heart, especially later once Dan and I reflected on all the things that we did to contribute to it. Oh well...we are parents in training and I'm sure it will not be the first mistakes that we will make.
We came back to the hotel and Bei and I napped while Dan ran to the store with our guide to buy a stroller, another big mistake, not purchasing one from the get go. Poor Dan, he has be on the go since we got here. He said that he knows that the word 'Baba' means maid in Chinese rather than daddy. :-) Bei woke up pretty owly and I cradled him and rocked him, until he fully woke up. After a good napper snapper, he was back to his old happy sweet self.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with him bonding and skipped the group dinner and went on our own instead.

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Bobbie said...

Hey you guys,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sooo happy for you two! You three are bonding so
well. It is really neat to follow your story, I can't tell you how
emotional it was for me. God has blessed you two with such a beautiful
baby boy! He is so adorable. I hope someday I will be able to meet him,
maybe when you take him to disneyworld-haha you'll come by my bar at the
airport.....I can't believe how he is responding right away to you two,
that is awesome, that just proves how special you two really are.

I am so happy for Bei (Daniel)! He truly got what he deserved, a chance
with a great MOM and DAD!!!

Take care,
Your friendly mixologist---bartender at Northern Lights Bar and Grill MSP