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I thought I would share some of Bei's personality with you. He is extremely shy around others and puts on what I call his stoic Chinese face. Alot of people come up to him and compliment us on how cute he is. He has super long beautiful spider eyelashes and as our guide Michelle told us, he has a face that it is hard to say no to.

We realize that we are going to have to start setting boundaries with him because he likes to take things and pitch them. Of course, he gets the cutest little smirk on his face when he does it and looks at Dan to say come on hairy american man run after that one. That is fine when we are in the room alone, but doesn't work so well when we are at the restaurant.

He is really bonding with Dan, even though he still doesn't let him hold him. Bei loves to feed Dan Cheerios, play ball with him and he likes to tease both Dan and I to get us to laugh. He will hold out a french fry to us and pull it back at the last minute and then giggle really hard.

This morning when I got out of the shower Dan was playing with his matchbox cars with him and making the sound Choo Chooooooo and Bei was copying it. Some of the words that we think he has said are Choo Choo, Baba, Dada, Eye, Nose and lamb. The Choo Choo and Baba are for sure the rest are questionable.

Bei is a really good nose picker, however he is very polite about it and he always makes sure he gets his finger cleaned even if he came up empty handed. He also can blow his nose by himself. We handed him some Kleenex to wipe his nose and he blew his nose like an adult. It was very funny to watch.

One of the funny things to me, but probably not to Bei is his expression when we are putting on his clothes. Both Dan and I are all thumbs and alot of times his shirt gets caught on his head and he ends up yanking it down for us. He is probably thinking their are 370 million people in the U.S. and I get the two ninnies who can't get my clothes on right. I usually start laughing and he usually gives me one if his cutie smirks.

He goes down for bed really easy, tonight he laid inbetween Dan and I and fell asleep holding each of our hands. He is such a sweet and most wonderful little thing. Dan keeps saying to me, God has smiled on us and he has indeed.

One of the things that Dan and I realized is that we haven't taken alot of pictures, everything is on video. So I don't have very good pictures from today. Dan went to bed already tonight, so we'll try to get some video on the post tomorrow.
Thank you again to everyone for all the supportive emails. It is so nice to know that we have such a wonderful group of family, friends and co-workers who also want the best for Bei. You all have been very generous with your kindness and support. We are very fortunate!!!

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Kathy said...

Hey all!
Love the updates! I bet Bei's reluctance to Dan holding him is due to the fact that the nannies are all female?? Just a thought...The pics are great!