Impromtu Birthday Bash!

Getting a birthday kiss...yes, he still says "Yucky!"

Bei acting shy during the Birthday song. Bei did really well blowing out the candles...he only has two girlfriends.

Bei and Max playing during the Birthday party. They made these lego towers and then would use them like swords until Max got hurt and I put an end to it...boys!

The kids enjoying the food.

The title of this blog "Impromptu Birthday Bash" is somewhat a misnomer. Number one, Bei's birthday isn't until February 3rd and number two, there was a birthday party planned for this weekend, but with different people than who actually came to it. My brother, Nick and his family were planning on driving up to celebrate Bei's birthday early, but unfortunately, Nick has a very bad sore throat. We all decided it was in everyone's best interest if we postponed our get together til everyone is healthy. So we will see Nick's family in mid-February instead.

However, food already had been prepared, cakes purchased, beer fridge stocked, so we just needed people to come, eat and drink. Oh...and sing happy birthday to the birthday boy. We made a few phone calls and luckily we had some takers!

A funny thing happened this week. As some of you are aware, I am a pretty "attentive" mother...some might even call it over-protective. Bei is seldom out of my sight, but this week I was preparing dinner and I knew Bei had gotten a band-aid out of the cabinet. He plays with them like they are stickers, so I usually hide them from him. But I had recently gone to the store and threw them in the cabinet and he found them. He had been in the living room and when he walked into the kitchen he said "mom look, 3 band-aids". I looked down at him, expecting them to be on his stomache where he usually positions them and uh oh...they were lower, and yes, they were attached to his "manhood"...AND there wasn't 3 of them, but 4! OUCH! Into the bathtub he went until they came off on there own.


Don't tell Doe Doe...Bei was caught kissing another girl...

Bei giving Leah a kiss goodbye
(The triplets names are Leah, Brynn, and Maren)
Leah and Brynn are identical and Maren is a singleton.
Bei and I have had a busy week of play. Monday we saw the Huckleberry clan, Tuesday we went to a toddler free time at a community center, Wednesday we visited with a friend that has one year old triplets and today we had some other neighborhood kids come for some play time. I think Bei is exhausted from all the fun. Tomorrow, we will have a nice quiet day, just the two of us.


Huckleberry and Company

Bei having sheer fun with his friends!

Note Bei's right foot has a sock on it and the left has none. He actually has the two socks on the one foot, which he insists on doing all the time. Do I have a rebel in the making?

Bei invited his friends, Huckleberry, Max and Curly Locks to come over and play. They had not seen each other for about a month. The kids came in and wanted to hug Bei right away. On the way out, Curly Locks came over to me and said "I think Bei's cute". Believe me, he is going to think you are pretty cute too...just give him a few years.

I want to share a humorous story with you about Huckleberry. Right before Christmas we decided to meet with the neighbor kids to do a very quick Christmas present exchange. I knocked on their door and Huckleberry and Max threw open the door and shouted "We bought Bei blocks! We bought Bei blocks for Christmas! Let's open our gift? Can we open our gift, Let's open our gift, Can we? Can we? Can we?" Sure! Believe me at this time, I am all excited now the kids have gotten my adrenaline pumping and I can't wait for them to open it. The boys ripped into the large group gift that I had gotten them. The atmosphere went from sheer excitement to..."oh...that is not what I thought it was". Huck what did you think it was? "I don't know, but not that". Huck this is fun! You'll love it! "It is a baby toy". Max looked at it and went to play with his truck. What was the gift you ask? An easel, with paper on one side and a chalk board on another. I don't know if I captured the humor of the story but I thought it was very funny. Perhaps I think it is funny because I am a known notorious bad gift giver and a 5 year old can even call me out on it. Here comes Mrs. Killjoy again bearing gifts that can suck the life right out of any fun festivity.


I never thought we would be one of "those" people...

Bei and Dad whoa whoa whoaing together!

Our lives have changed so much since Bei's arrival. However, there is one change that really stands out for both Dan and I and that is our meal prayer. When we first got home from China, I purchased a white board and one of the things that I wrote on it was, "Remember Prayers". Well as you all know Bei took the prayer thing and has run with it. I think the hook for him are the hand gestures, thank goodness we are Catholic! He probably thinks it is a game like the Hokey Pokey...put your right foot in, put your right foot out... At Church Bei loves all the kneeling, sitting, stand up, shake your neighbor hands, now walk to the front, go back to your seat, kneel again. Anyway, here is the corker for Dan and I, he insists that we pray in public too. We will be out at a fast food joint and Dan will grab a fry and Bei will say "uh oh", put his hand to his forehead and smile the sweetest little smile. How can you say no to that? So we are now proud to say we are one of "those" people who pray publically. Thanks Bei...You are making better people of us every day!


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Mr. Giggle Box

For the past two evenings Bei and I have gone Whoa, Whoa Whoaing, otherwise known as sledding to other people. The first evening we went out, I took him on the sled and was racing around the yard and the sled took off on me and Bei ended up doing a face plant. I ran over to him, pulled his face out of the snow and he was giggling. He told me "I laugh" and then said "more". I cooled it after that and we spent the next hour going down a slope in the back of our yard. Everything made him laugh, going down the hill, walking back up and falling, watching mom trying to get the sled situated to have the sled go down without anybody in it. He just has such a happy disposition and loves to see the fun in everything. He is such a great kid! I wish I could have captured it on tape, but I have my hands full pulling the sled and Mr. Giggle Box up the hill.


Happy New Year!

Once again the picture above has nothing to do with how we spent our New Year, but I wanted to put something there. After we arrived at our cabin on Wednesday, I went to take a picture to find out that I forgot to put the battery in the camera. I need to get myself better organized, so my motto for 2009 is "Everything has it's place". That way, I'll know where the camera is and the charger because they will be in "their place". We'll see how it works!
As I mentioned above, we went to the cabin on Wednesday and invited Dan's brother Mark and family and some Cabin friends over for cocktails and happy hour. It was alot of fun! Mark's kids Morgan and Blake played with Bei for hours! He was in heaven. I think I saw some leadership characteristics coming out in Bei with the kids, others might call it bossy, but I saw a take charge leader! Morgan and Blake are 6 and 8, so they are pretty accomodating to the Little Emperor!
Thursday, Dan went snowmobiling with some friends, so I headed over to Mark's house to visit Morgan and Blake again, since Bei enjoyed playing with them so much. Friday, Dan let me go snowmobiling and be an adult for a day! It was really fun, the weather was beautiful, the trails were perfect, but the best part was that Dan and Bei met us at every stop. We decided our first run would be to Spider Lake for lunch, and who walked in the door but Dan and Bei! Yeah! Then off to the Wagon Wheel next and our buddies showed up again. Dan was great because where the trails met the road, Dan would wait for us and Bei could see mom on the "beal". We stopped at a few more joints and had a really nice day. When Bei initially saw the snowmobiles from the cabin, crossing the lake, he would point and say "boat". Makes sense, that is where boats are suppose to be! Saturday we headed home to beat the bad weather that was on the way. Today, we headed up to Dan's sister's house for a short visit. Bei is very tired to say the least and is sleeping soundly. 2008 has been a great year for us! With the exception of my mom getting sick, it has been one of the best.