Bei's pictures from the Orphanage

(Sorry the CD that they came on wouldn't allow me to flip these right side up). Thanks to Eric Rogers, who right sized these for me and sent them back to me! He is a techno genius!!!

Here are pictures of Sarah (Doe Doe) and Bei while they were in the orphanage. I had sent a camera to the orphanage with my care package and asked that they take pictures. All the pictures of Bei look the same, he looks extremely sad. I am in contact with a with an American volunteer at the Suzhou orphanage. It is really interesting to hear what Bei's schedule was and for here to share what life is like in the orphanage. She is going to check out Bei's blog and see if she recognizes him to see if she can give me any insight to his specific care. Obviously, his life today is 100% better and hearing what their life is like makes me want to adopt 10 more.

On a more positive note, I have to tell you that we adopted Felix Unger, remember from The Odd Couple? He is fastidious about cleanliness. I broke up a shredded wheat on his tray to see if wanted it in addition to his cheerios. He separated all his cheerios to one side of the booster and the shredded wheat remanants to the other and demanded I clean the shredded wheat off his tray. Yet, he won't hestitate to eat a cheerio off the playground floor. He loves to have his hands washed, and he loves taking a bath!!~ Yesterday, he took two!

We also found that he doesn't like any food hot, if it is even luke warm he opens his mouth and wants me to blow in it. I spoke with Jen, (Sarah's mom) yesterday, she said that whenever Sarah gets on the phone, she shouts Bei Bei. So, I paid attention to Bei when he gets on the phone and is playing and he does says Doe Doe, mmm hmmm and then just listens. Those two are really connected obviously and I know we want him to stay in touch with her.

There was another family while we were in Guangzhou that was asking if Bei Bei got adopted because they had learned some Mandarin and their daughter had told them about Bei Bei, additionally she named her doll Bei Bei. Obviously, Bei is a lady's man and all the girls loved him.

Well, we are still struggling with the jet lag, but I spoke with Jen yesterday and they are too.


John & Pamela Block said...

Hi Liz,Dan & Bei,

I finally found a few minutes to get on the computer and it's been so much fun reading your blog.

I'm so glad to hear the Bei is adjusting well. We're all trying to get over the jet lag here in Seattle as well. We seem to be on the same sleeping schedule as you and I am exhausted! John went back to work and Lily and I are holding down the fort.

We've seen Lily's pediatrician and her cardiologist this week and are in the process of preparing her for her surgey, which should be in the next few weeks.

I want to thank you for all your prayers and look forward to staying in touch. Your pictures and posting do wonders for my heart! :-)

Your friends in Seattle,

Pam, John and Lily

Sallymander said...

hi. what volunteer are you talking to--jacquelyn? we hope to go in sept. or sometime in the fall to adopt our son. i have received treasured e-mail from foreign volunteers. where do you live? ---sally from chicago area