Independence Adverse

Happy Birthday Grandpa Builder Bob! My father-in-law is one of the most honorable men I know. They don't make many like him anymore! Thank you Bob for being the wonderful man that you are!

I had a "light bulb" moment the other day regarding Bei. I realized that this kid has no intention of ever becoming independent and that I am going to have to push him along in that arena. Looking back, I realized that Bei has never had the usual, "I'll do it myself attitude that many 2 and 3 year olds exhibit. He is more like "hey lady, if you want to wipe my arse til I'm 30 years old, go right ahead, I won't be stopping you." He has no motivation for independence, but then why would you when your mom does everything for you? Poor kid...his rock and roll lifestyle is coming to an end shortly...one way or the other. It may be the anxiety of having a new little dependent arriving in the spring that prompted me to think about this situation differently...two totally incapable human beings on my hands....yikes...double yikes! I'm not the most capable thing myself...that is a huge responsibility! I better get Bei moving on the responsibility track now.
Let me demonstrate what I mean with a silly scenario from our household. Several months ago my mom came for a visit. Bei was watching a movie in the family room and my mom and I were sitting near by talking and "trying" to catch up with one another. We just started talking when all of a sudden you hear "Water! I want water!" Excuse me mom...here Bei....mom you were saying... "Napkin! I need a napkin!" Sorry mom...here Bei...what were you saying mom? "I spilled!" Oh for crying out loud...here Bei. "Water! I need more Water!...okay you get the picture! So my mom hasn't said anything up to this point! She just let's me run and do my thing with Bei. In the midst of all of this, Dan walks in and says to me "Hey Liz, I thought you were going to move those toys in the garage like I asked you to?" Here is where my mom steps in and says "Obviously Dan you were not on the annointed couch when you made your request." She said "Sit on the couch and yell "clean, garage, toys" and I'm sure that Liz will get up and run! That is SO my mom that just writing it makes me smile! Anyway we laughed and I have to admit my family and friends have been very patient and understanding in the way that we have done things with Bei. Our parenting has been non-traditional in the sense that we allowed him to do things at his pace for bonding purposes and we didn't push. We carried him more than probably most, we have co-slept with him, we have fed him longer and I feel like it has been the right thing for us to bond. And it HAS worked! He has bonded to us like Guerrilla Glue and we will never get him off of us...just kidding! We are just ready to move to the next stage and we think he needs a little coaching by us having a consistent message with him. This week is his birthday and he is getting an entire Thomas the Tank Engine Ensemble for his bedroom, sheets, pillow cases and a comforter...who knows maybe he will even want to sleep in his own bed again!


Preschool Blues

Bei playing trains with Grandma Dene...the train kept hitting chickens on the tracks and the feathers were flying everywhere...do you see them?
Bei loves to ice skate! I told him he skates good...like a wet noodle!

For those of you who were worried that I might try to homeschool Bei, you can all take a collective sigh of relief....I'm cutting the proverbial apron strings...I've signed him up for Preschool for the fall. It probably won't be without a lot of tears, but Dan say's it will be good for me...I mean Bei. I was really sad for about a day thinking about him going off to school, 2 days a week, for 2 hours, but then I realized that he is really ready to be challenged. The last few months have definitely been developmental growth months for him. He is really into creative and imaginary play, learning what sounds each of the letters make, writing letters of the alphabet and actually trying to read. I tell him that when he is 4 years old, he is going to be a big boy and will go to school. He says, "I want you to go with me." I told him that I can't and he said "call and ask the teacher." I told him I already did and she said "no, I couldn't go because I'm too big." "Mom, call right now and ask her again." So I pretend to call and talk to her and tell Bei that she said no again. He said "mom you forgot to push the buttons." He was right, I didn't push the telephone buttons! Rascal...he was in the backseat, so I didn't think he could see... Anyway, you can see I will have an uphill battle with him going to school and separating from me...and me from him.

Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy being with Bei everyday. On Saturday morning, he and I woke up at the same time. I saw he was waking up and I just was kind of snoozing and all of a sudden I felt these tiny little gentle hands cradle my face and when I opened my eyes, I saw his smiling little face looking down at me and he said "Isn't it a beautiful morning mom?" YES! With you as my ray of sunshine! I know it sounds corny, and I didn't say that but what a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. Bei is just giddy when the three of us are together. It is hard to wipe the smile off his face and stop his giggling. So weekends are usually alot of fun for all of us. Tonight Dan and Bei were downstairs and all of sudden I heard Bei run upstairs and he said "Mom, Mom" Yes, Bei? "I have a question" Yes? "Do you want a big hug and a kiss right now"? I sure do Bei! He came over and hugged and kissed me and then ran back downstairs laughing. I am just crazy in love with that little guy and so is Dan! We were talking tonight how blessed we are and how much our lives have changed for the better since adopting Bei. Lucky us! God has been soooooooooooooooooooooo good to us!


What has Bei been up to??

While daddy is shaving his face, Bei is shaving his hairy chest
Bei having a miserable time at Sesame Street Live...honestly, all he kept saying is "Let's Go"

Bei putting primer on his bedroom walls with cousin Elly

Here is a snapshot into the future of how Bei is going to look as a teenager


So Stinkin Cute!!!

It probably isn't proper social etiquette to brag about how cute your kid is but since I had absolutely nothing to do with it, I think I can get away with it. Isn't he just too cute for words? I'll have to post his referral pictures one of these times because when I sent his file to Dan's work to review, he called me and said, "well we obviously aren't basing our decision on looks". He looked like a 20 year old convict in one of his referral pictures and then the other ones weren't so great either. Then we started getting updates and this little beauty popped up! It doesn't matter, we would take him regardless of his looks.
Please pray for our little guy Kang Kang because he has been having some health problems. He had pneumonia, bronchitis and a very high fever and had a febrile seizure. He is doing well at the moment, but we would really like to get him home very soon, so that he can be in our care. Please pray that it is God's will and the Chinese Governments will that we can expedite his papers. We need that little guy home in our arms.