Quick Update

No pictures yet, Dan the master of technology in our world has not uploaded the pictures of our adventure today. We visited the Forbidden City today in a downpour of wind and rain. It added a little something to the entire mystique of the City. We then went and climbed the Great Wall of China. It is really spectacular and quite steep. Dan and I both received our Official 'Hero Card' for climbing the wall. It was $20 yuan, but proof positive that we made it up the wall...or at least part of it. :-)

Tomorrow we leave for Nanjing and have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to catch our flight. There are a few glitches popping up, there are new rules for carry on bag's for intra-china flights and we don't have a very good idea what that means for us. The big glitch is that the orphanage now wants all money in yuan, rather than the crisp American dollar bills that we had to search for in the US. The Chinese money is much thicker than ours and we are getting stacks and stacks of it. I'm getting a little bit more nervous in general as the day that we pick up Bei approaches. Hopefully, we will have an American name solidified by then.

On a different note, thank you to those of you emailing Dan and I. I have responded to all of you, however, the responses remain in my outbasket. For some reason I can't get them sent. Possibly, in Nanjing we can get it working. On the other hand, I was told that I would not be able to read comments posted on my blog and I am able to read the one that I received from Sue. Please keep communicating, because it is fun for us to have a touchpoint back home.


Carl Storck said...

Hey, how is the food? Nice smile Dan, were you being goosed? In case you have been watching the weather in the midwest, Florida has been perfect. Low 80s and almost no humidity. Looks like you are visiting all the cool places. Enjoy it. Talk to you soon. Carl

Wade Walsh said...

Hello from Saint Paul. I finally have visited your BLOG. All is working well, and yes the video of the zoo works. Funny that Dan was being photographed while he filmed. You look like a giant in the midst of the locals. Congrats on the wall climb and I'm sure you sleep schedule will improve in the next couple days. Take care.