Pooping and Visits

Okay, the heading doesn't go hand in hand, but I had to come up with a title. Last night Bei delivered to Dan a big poop while he was giving him a bath!!! And it was no Baby Ruth, it was the real deal!! I'm sure alot of you parents have gone through that same experience, poor Dan! In light of the fact that Dan has been a cleaning, cooking and shopping machine around here, I thought it best if I volunteered to clean the bathtub for him. Tonight another bath for Bei and we made it through okay, no poops, til we were out of the tub! Come on kid, why don't you poop in the morning like normal people???? I've never even knew that people could poop at night.

Bei is starting to get a few visitors. He is making great strides in his sense of security and trust issues. When we were in China, he pretty much did not leave my lap. He didn't engage with the group well, for example, several times all the families would meet out in the hallway, to allow the kids to play and walk around. I would try to coax Bei out in the hallway and he pretty much wanted to stay away from others. Jen and Doug were the exception since we spent much more time with them, he even went up to Jen to have her give a raspberry on his belly on the last day.
Flip to today, he is playing shy guy for about 10 to 20 minutes and then he starts engaging with new people. He is holding hands as you can see in the picture above with his Grandma that he met today and even sat on her lap to put his shoes on. It probably didn't hurt that she is the best baker in the world and brought Chocolate Chip cookies and Poppie Seed cake!!
We are still trying to limit the visits in frequency and amount of time, because of bonding and attachment, but also to help keep his schedule on track.
It is hard to believe that we have had this wonderful little person in our life for less than a month; but I would lay down my life for him in a New York minute. He has been such a joy and a blessing.

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