Mamma saves the day and creates a monster

Believe it or not, Bei does do other activities other than taking a bath, but it seems like alot of excitement happens around bath time! Tonight was my turn to give him a bath. Dan and Bei spent the majority of the day together, so I needed my Bei Bei fix, since his dad was hogging him all day. We had given him a late dinner...do you know where this is going already??? And lo and behold, 20 minutes into his bath time, he got that look on his face. I'm sure all you mom's know it well...yep, he was going to poop again! I was on top of my game and grabbed him and put him right on the toilet! Ta da! All is well!! Dan had just come in from the garage as that was going on, so we praised Bei up and down for going poop on the toilet. Of course, then he wanted to sit on the toilet over and over and over and over again. I PROMISE no more poop stories!!! If he poops a rainbow, four leaf clover or a lucky star, I won't even mention it...

Here is a picture of Bei with his new table and chairs that was given to him by our friend Terrie. Her grandfather had made it for her children and he recently passed away, she loved the idea of it being put back to use. Bei loved it right away, children are drawn to small things like themselves. (By the way, ignore the toy clutter...)

Today Bei went to his first birthday party, and he did very well. And he got up close and personal to two different big dogs today and did well. I'll definitely have to teach him that all dogs are not the same, because he doesn't seem to have a fear of them and I almost wish he did.
One of the first day's that we were home he had a tantrum down the street because I wouldn't let one of the neighbor dogs eat his face off. He saw the dogs as we were walking and wanted to run to them and I don't know anything about the dogs, so I wouldn't let him near them...tantrum!

On Monday, we go to the Pediatric Cardiologist for an echocardiogram and a consultation.

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