The Weekend

Well guess who is sick now?   Yep, it is Bei's turn.   He has a terrible cough and chest cold and just threw up about an hour ago.  Oh joy!  And I can tell that Kai now has Bei's cold.

It was so timely that my mom flew up from Chicago this weekend and I was able to spend some time nursing Bei back to health.  (Obviously I wasn't that great of a nurse since the kid just threw up).    As some of you know my mom is a laugher, she likes to see the funny in things and she pretty much didn't stop laughing all day Friday.   I think she was amazed at what a rascal Kai is and how quickly he goes from making one mess to another.     

 I decided to get rid of Kai's high chair, when he decided he no longer would sit in it...so I guess that means he decided it was time to go.   Anyway, this is the little table that the kids now sit in and it is working out great for the both of them.   Bei does his Kindergarten homework at this desk every week now too.   Yes!  Kindergartener's have homework.  

This is Bei's astronaut's suit that he will be wearing tomorrow for Halloween if he feels better.   His Aunt Julie bought this for him and he loves to wear it!

I like it with the Sponge Bob crown instead!

Here is a picture of my little rascal being upset because his mean mom wouldn't let him open and close the freezer door 5 million times.   

There are about 4 different faces that he makes from that first one to get to this one but I showed you how he starts and where he ends, lip out and chin up.   I usually can't stop from scooping him up and kissing his little face when he is sad.  He is so darn cute!


Picture Friday

One of the hardest things is for me to get Kai to look at the camera...so anytime I capture him looking directly at me I end up loving the picture. 

Love the intensity of Bei's face in this picture


The Chinese Ox

He loves his puppy dog, Elvis!

He has the greatest giggle!
Aren't those dimples to die for...he is just so darn kissable!

I realized recently that I have shared so much of Kai Kai Sweetie Pie's medical conditions but I haven't really described his personality in detail.   First of all this kid was born under the sign of the Ox in China which means he is a hard worker, which I have said over and over.   He is one of those kids that you can't take your eyes off of because he is so busy that he is into "trouble" all the time.    The other day he was reaching behind our couch and trying to tip over the floor lamp.  I got him distracted doing something else, turned my back for two minutes and he was standing on the armrest of the couch!   This little guy can hardly stand on the floor without falling...but he is one of those kind of kids.   He wants to do everything himself, yet I would not call him obstinate.   You can easily distract him into doing something else because he is so curious that he is willing to move onto the next thing.   Cognitively he is smart!  He puts puzzles together and puts all the right shapes in the right boxes.   He is copying almost everything Bei does these days.   The nice thing about Kai is that he can play by himself for hours at a time.    He absolutely LOVES music!  He has always been a very quiet little one and continues to be quiet.  I am sure that it has to do with his hearing impairment.  He is verbalizing more these days and when he is happy he squeals and I always say his sounds are a mix between Curious Gearge* and a Neanderthal man's grunts.   When he is sad his lower lip goes way out and he sticks out his chin and his eyes get all red and watery.    It is the perfect child's expression of I am sad and I want you to know!  I hope to capture it on camera one of these days   He is tough as nails and doesn't cry easily unless he is not feeling well.   He likes to be held and cuddled, tickled and kissed.   I am so blessed because I have not just one but two very sweet little boys.   Kai has never hit, he is all boy yet he isn't aggressive.   The little guy is just the happiest little thing on two feet.   I feel so lucky to have him in my life!  He has enhanced my life in so many ways that it would be hard to articulate it all.   All I can say is he a very LOVED little boy!

FYI - I misspell some words purposely in my blog post because I don't want my blog getting hits for things like the President or Curious Gearge, etc.   One of my most viewed post is Ear Tubes Results and I am sure it is because many mom's are putting those exact words in and then my blog pops up.

Lastly, please pray that Kai will start wearing his hearing aids.  He had another set of ear molds made, his third pair since August 8th because I am desperate to get him to wear them again.   Unfortunately the new molds did not make a difference.   His ENT doctor said that his left ear is still a little irritated so my other hope is that once that heals completely he will wear them.  


Black and White Sunday

 Dan bought a fun toy for the kids this weekend

These guys will be fitted with all the right safety equipment before they go for their first ride because I am a worrier!

Bei is all about safety first...Kai on the other hand is a total risk taker (*This is Sepia vs Black and White)

Even Elvis wanted in on the action.  I loved the coloring of this picture so much I couldn't bring myself to change it to black and white.


My Nemesis Strikes Again

When Bei asked if he could make a mud puddle with the hose, I was all for it!   Who doesn't love to jump in a mud puddle?   Dang!  I wish I would have thought it out a little further because look who showed up at the back door looking all happy with himself.  I can just hear Elvis's diabolical inner thought process.   Hmmmm, let's see...I have pee'd, pooped and puked all over the house.   I have chewed on every shoe, piece of furniture and toy that I can sink my teeth in.  I do obscene things to the stuff animals but  I am getting bored...what can I do now?   A mud puddle...perfect!

So when I showed Dan this picture of Elvis and told him I was going to put it on the blog, Dan said "It is not a very cute picture of him."   Really?  


Silver Linings

This kid is such a happy little guy when he is healthy!  I captured him and Elvis playing together and this is the type of smile that Elvis brings to Kai Kai Sweetie Pie's face.

Bei lovingly took care of this caterpillar for over a week.  He played with him daily.   I even missed the little fellar after we let him go.

The kids had a great time carving pumpkins!

The goo in the middle is the best part!

Some pictures are just better in black and white

Thank goodness for sisters!  Nanette was suppose to come last week but postponed her trip to this week.   Do you think that was a God thing?   He knew I would have my hands filled with Kai.  She is a mom, she has been there and done that!  After Kai's fever broke this morning, he used Aunt Nanette as a jungle gym.  Thank you Nanette!!!  You made a stressful day much easier!

Guess who was sick again?   Yep, Kai Kai Sweetie Pie!  Perforated Ear Drum, 103 temp, allergic reaction to the medication, multiple trips to the Urgent Care...blah, blah, blah.   Doesn't it all seem to be running together?    But let me tell you the two silver linings in his illness.   The first one is that I have been sick to my stomach for the past week and a half because Kai refuses to wear his hearing aids.   So maybe, just maybe this ear drum business has been building for the past week and he will wear his hearing aids again now that the pressure is released.   Please, Please pray for him!   We need him to wear them to gain a language.  

The second silver lining is even better!   Kai has never had even a slight temp without having a seizure, so I was very worried yesterday as his temp kept going up and up and up.   I was just waiting for the seizures to begin.   When I did sleep last night it was with one eye open to keep an eye on Kai so I would be there if he had a seizure.   Good news...no seizures!!!!!    If he can make it to November 20th without a seizure he will have gone 6 months without a seizure.    The longest he has ever gone!   We would be grateful for any prayers to help Kai meet his seizure free goal of 6 months.

Kai's fever broke this morning and I think he is on the road to recovery, once again!



The boys have become much more engaged in playing with one another.  

Playing with water definitely was the theme this year


Building sandcastles and destroying them

Sometimes it's not fun to have a brother

Bei is an anomaly, he loves getting sprayed by ice cold well water.  Of course it is fun for me because who doesn't like to spray others with water?   He loves it when I chase him around with the hose.  He just better not try to get me wet because I DO mind getting sprayed with ice cold well water

I wanted to write about how remarkable Bei has handled Kai's adoption, and more specifically the aftermath of Kai's adoption.   It is hard to be a sibling to a special needs child.  Bei's world pretty much was turned upside down once we adopted Kai.   Bei and I were inseparable, I babied him, adored him and worshipped him in it's full manifestations.  I still adore and worship him but now it is in a much healthier way.  Bei had to grow up really quickly once Kai was here.  Bei has handled the adoption like a champion!   I really believe God placed Kai into our family because he knew it would be right for everyone, including Bei.   Bei has been dragged along to more therapy sessions and doctor appointments than most sick kids.   It is expected he behaves, most of the time he does, but a few times he hasn't, he is 5 years old.  From the very beginning Bei has watched over Kai.   If Kai was crying or passing out he would tell me immediately.  He accepted the fact that Kai needed me and that the arms that he was constantly in prior to Kai's adoption were now filled all the time.   I am still amazed that he never showed any outward jealousy.  Yet, in the beginning Bei was indifferent towards Kai and really didn't acknowledge him, other than to tell me if he was crying.  Fortunately, the indifference has melted away and they are playing more together.

From the first time I met Bei I felt he has a very high emotional I.Q.  He is very much in control of his emotions.    He shows alot of empathy and kindness towards others and is an extremely happy person.  I always think of the word joyful when I think of him.    The kid still tells me he loves me at least 5 times a day.   Honestly, I think he is one of the easiest kids to parent.

I believe God had a plan and it was that  Bei and Kai were meant to be brothers.   Kai has enriched Bei's life and will continue to do so.  In turn, Bei will be such a wonderful role model and watchful older brother to Kai.   They will be blessed to have one another for the rest of their lives.