We Arrived Home!

Overall, our flight home went very well. Bei was restless and cried alot from Guangzhou to Toyko, we think the people around us must have done something really bad in their previous life to be subjected to Bei's terrorizing cries for 4.5 hours. On the flight from Toyko to Minneapolis we only had one casualty, Bei chucked a matchbox car into the head of the guy in front of us, the man was not very amused. Obviously, he had some bad Karma too. Bei was great on the flight from Toyko. He only cried the last 20 minutes and I think it was because he was so sick of sitting in the seat and perhaps his ears were hurting from the pressure change. I know I was tired of sitting and my ears hurt!

When Bei came into our home for the first time it seemed he had been here his whole life. He immediately began playing with the toys in his room and became his normal giggly self! He found Reggie's old toys and added them to his toy pile in his bedroom (we have since removed those toys due to dog wear and tear!). Bei explored all the rooms and then settled in for a snack. We felt he was saying, yes this is my place and what took you guys so long to get me here!

We are hunkering down for the next few weeks and trying to get Bei acclimated to his new life. We know that people are dying to come to meet him, people are welcome to come for a short visit, however, we ask that everyone respect the fact that we are still bonding with him. So we are asking people to act as if they are visiting the zoo and follow three simple rules:
1. Don't pick up the animals.
2. Don't try to feed the animals
3. Don't try to comfort and hug the animals.
The books that we have read have indicated that this is a critical time for us to bond with Bei and we need to be his sole primary caregivers. The past three days in China, Bei really starting bonding with Dan, so we really want to keep that momentum going for the both of them. Dan was phenomenal on the flight, he entertained Bei almost the entire trip. We had a flight attendant stop us at the airport and ask us, "Was he the little guy that was giggling the entire flight"? He was champ!!

One last thing, please be aware that due to his heart condition Bei has had no immunizations, so if there is anything that you could potentially carry to him, please wait til you are over it.
Dan will post a video of his reaction to his new home very soon.

Thanks again everyone for your support, we feel very blessed to have such a supportive group!

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