First Bath

We decided with all the pooping that Bei did today, that it was time for a bath. We had heard that kids in the orphanage are not use to baths and usually scream, but not Bei. I put on a swimsuit and went in with him and we brought lots of toys with us and he loved it. Dan did all the scrubbing and I kept him occupied. He pretty much is in a stupor by the time this picture was taken, because it had been a very long day. We are suppose to go on a tour tomorrow, but we may forego it. We thought it might be nice to have a day where we are not on a schedule and we can spend the time bonding with Bei. We'll see in the morning what we decide for sure.


Kathy said...

LOL!!! Well you are most definitely officially parents now.
Brings back memories for sure.
I was envisioning BIG DAN powdering this little bottom and had to snicker. I think you all are in love, and how amazing is that!

Love and BIG Hugz,

Sue said...

ConGrats to you both,, You look like Natural Parents Already, Cant wait for Him to get back Home So I can do some of my own spoiling he looks like the spoiling type,Way to cute for his own Good!!!

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