Pictures from Guangzhou

Finally, my last picture of the day. Here is Mama and Bei after his first day in the pool! We actually had our first bit of true vacation time today by taking Bei to the pool. We weren't sure what he would think of it and he was his usual very shy self until I went into the kiddy pool with stacking cups....then the fun began! He and I splashed and played with those cups until he was out of control with laughter. You can't tell that by this picture because he was very distracted at this point watching a boat on the river.

This picture is of a bride and groom that will give you a feel for what we have seen in every city many, many times. 10 is a lucky number in China and the year 2008 equals 10 so everyone is trying to get married this year (I translate this into good luck for adoptions also!) It's been really neat seeing all these wedding and they (especially the brides) are always very cordial to us and usally say hello in the middle of their pictures when we are walking by.

Bei and Mama after we got his Visa picture and we're on our way to get his medical exam....I can tell you there were no smiles at the medial exam! We've got our work cut out for us when we get back to the states, this little man can raise some serious noise in the doctors office! Someone please warn Childrens of Minnesota.

Guangzhou along thePearl River at night, this is a view from our hotel. The river, buildings, and boats are full of lights.

These are local Guangzhou schoolchildren who the teachers bring by the western hotels to practice their english on the americans adopting babys. The children are so cute! They all give the same line...Hi my name is xxxx, how are you? Will you sign my book? And then finally, can I have my picutre taken with you? Liz and I did about 15 kids between us and here is Liz and Bei with a small group of them.

Here is Bei and Mama looking at the giant goldfish in a pool inside the hotel, there is a really nice 3 story waterfall and stream inside the hotel that we use to put Bei to sleep.

Bei is good at sharing, here he is giving Daddy a Ritz.

We have finished another wonderful day in our life with Bei! BaBa, as you may recall...maid in Chinese :), has finished putting Bei and Liz to bed, the days laundry, and now I'm taking some time to enjoy a TsingTao local beer and upload some pictures. I'll work on some video tomorrow as its getting pretty late here and I need to get rest, it appears a 2 year old is what I need to finally achieve my weight loss goals. Bei loves playing a game with me where he walks up 2 or 3 steps with my help (not much help needed I must add) and then walks back down. He can do this for anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes! We both love it and with the heat being in the high 80's we both work-up quite a sweat.

Enjoy and I remember Liz is the blog expert so the pictures may be in the wrong order.


uncle-ri-ri said...

Dan and Liz,

Can we assume that you are unaffected by the earthquake? It is THE story today on our national news. Sounds like the local news there might be under-reporting and playing it down.


Kathy said...

Great pics and info Dano!

You'll be home soon! HURRAY!

I was also wondering if the earthquake had affected you.