Unfortunately, Bei's favorite toy is the most expensive to execute and maintain, it is Dan's Hemi truck! No lie, we can hardly walk outside without Bei running to it and trying to get in it. I'm thinking of telling Dan to park it around the corner, because I've been spending alot of time driving around the neighborhood to keep him happy. Once he is in it he is so curious that he is constantly looking around and watching the cars, people, dogs, life... We have tried to use the truck to get him to go to sleep, but to no avail, Curious George will not be detered. It will be interesting to see what he thinks about being in the truck after a 2.5 hour ride up to the cabin...maybe not so much fun anymore...
Another one of his favorite outside toy is the Big Wheel! It makes alot of really cool noises that he is fascinated by, while we try to keep him from going down the driveway at 60 mph.

He also loves to go to the park and play on the slide.

And who needs expensive toys when there is a laundry basket around to play in??

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