Being Claimed!

A mom that adopted four children blogged last month that at some point the children claims you as their own. When we got back to the hotel, there were three female workers in our room. They oohed and ahhed all over him and one of them went to take him out of my arms. He would have nothing to do with it. He wanted me! They came back 20 minutes later with food in their hand, they gave him bananna's and peaches and then tried to hold him again. Ha! He would not be bought!! :-) He only wanted me! I feel like we have bonded and will continue to bond. He made great strides with Dan yesterday and I think he will continue to today. When he wakes up this morning, Dan wants to be the one that picks him up and comforts him if he will let him.

We are so blessed!!!


Anne Adix said...

Lucky, lucky Bei. I am so happy for you and thinking of you every day. Thank you for doing such a great blog for all of us rubberneckers!
Anne Adix

Colleen Albers said...

Hi Liz, Dan & Bei,

I just shared your blog with Chad & the girls. We are so happy for you! What an experience you are having!

Love, Colleen & Chad

Terrie Powell said...

I am sooo excited, and sooo happy for all three of you! You are beaming! We can see it in your faces and hear it in your voices. Thank you for keeping us so in the loop. I really look forward to your updates!

Kathy said...

CONGRATS Dan Liz and Bei!
We are thrilled for you all.What a sweetie! He is just adorable. By the looks of the video things are going wonderful. Thanks for sharing this experience.

Kathy & Jeff