Pudding King

Bei loves his chocolate pudding; the video speaks for itself. Watch his little tongue, it is so darn cute!!! Most of you probably think that Bei is going to sprout a halo from his head, the way that I talk about him, so I thought I would show you that he is a normal two year old. I took the picture of Bei today, right before we were going to leave to go shopping. I had opened the refridgerator and he saw some of that delicious chocolate pudding that he experienced the day before and wanted to eat it. I figure there are days that I feel like throwing myself on the floor too, because I didn't get my pudding...or my bud light, Bei just has the luxury of doing it...lucky boy!!! Okay, once again, I'm having problems uploading the picture and it is late and I will try to do it in the morning. Stay tuned...

Bei finally got 10 hours of sleep and he was a pistol all day. Go figure, he only gets 8 hours and he is fine, 10 puts him over the edge. I figure the jet lag is finally catching up with him.

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