A weekend at Camp Krueger

As my Grandpa Carl use to say "Goodnight Irene!!"

After Bei's bath, Dan decided to enjoy some quiet time out on the deck...but not for long, Bei ran to the deck and told Dan to come back in. He said this all in Chinese, but we are starting to pick up on it..or make it up as we go along. I try to mimic his Chinese and he loves it and laughs.

Bei enjoyed watching the fire

Bei and I watching Dan build a fire

Bei is showing Dad proper boating etiquette, wave to fellow boaters.

We enjoyed another boat ride. (This is one of my favorite expressions of Bei's).

Once we put him on this we couldn't get him to say "All Done". Thank goodness for the storm that blew in or we would still be watching him ride it!

Anybody up for a trail ride today?
The pictures speak for themselves.

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