Huge Event Today!

Bei being totally uncooperative with picture taking yesterday.
We had a playdate with a neighbor at the park behind our house.

Today was a huge day; Bei pooped in the toilet! And in the afternoon he pee'd in the toilet! Now, I remember, not so long ago, when my days accomplishment was marked by something other than pee and poop; an indepth financial analysis, reviewing my talking points for an upcoming negotiation, developing a project plan. Not anymore...my milestones for the day are based on Bei's eating, sleeping and pooping habits. Poor Dan, he walks in the door and I shout "Bei pooped in the toilet!" He slept for an 1.5 hours! And he ate all his rice and is drinking his milk!! Hurray! Luckily, Dan doesn't find me the most boring person on the face of the earth (yet), because he is pretty infatuated with everything Bei does too.
Bei is putting a few words together, "I go Poop", "Come On"...Ironically, he didn't learn the Come on from me, but it does sound like something I would say. We just bought this toy at a garage sale on Friday and it is a leap frog thing that plays songs and then after each song it says "Come On". Today, I was driving in the car and he was playing with that toy and just started to mimic it, over and over.

TOP 10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT BEI (There really are a gizillion things I love about him, but I just put a few down).

10. The way that he puts his little arm around me when he is falling asleep.

9. How he has stopped picking his nose. Yea!

8. How he lights up when Dan walks in and says DaDaaaaa in his special sing song voice.

7. The way that he looks like a drunken Chinese sailor when he is trying to fight falling asleep in the car. (It is one of my favorite looks).

6. The way that he says MaMA with the accent on the second syllable, so it sounds British.

5. How he runs to the full length mirror to kiss himself...that is a kid with confidence!

4. The fact that he still calls Doe Doe on his pretend phone (my cell) and talks to her. He is now telling her in English Bye Bye.

3. How inquisitive he is about how everything works and turns and twists.

2. How he sings in Chinese really loud and off key. He also has a tin ear like Dan and I!

1. That God blessed us with having the joy and honor of raising a very special little boy named Bei!

For all those prayer people out there, please pray for Bei's Grandma Sandy. She has had some health issues and we need her to get better so that Bei can meet her. He will be crazed for her because she loves to laugh and since he likes to be silly and make people laugh, she will be a great audience for him. They are staying in touch via the phone and Grandma Sandy even got to hear him talk, he said "Doe Doe mmmm ahhh". Even though he had Doe Doe on his mind, Grandma Sandy loved hearing his little voice.

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