Uh oh...I'm one of those types of parents

This is the backpack that the orphanage gave us the second day when we went back to the Civil Affairs office to finalize the adoption. Bei found it in his toy box, stuffed a bunch of toys in it and wanted to walk around with it. He wasn't too cooperative with the camera today.

Today was a momentous day for me; I left Bei with Dan tonight and went to Volleyball. I pre-warned my team that I was coming up for an hour to socialize, I couldn't play because I needed to go home and help put Bei to sleep. On the way up to VB, Dan was on the phone giving me a play by play of everything they were doing. After being at VB for a while, Dan called and the conversation went something like this on my end. Hi, What is wrong? Huh? What? Really? Did he cry for me? No? Oh... Dan put Bei to bed, no crying, no asking for Mama, just a happy content little bug that fell asleep next to his daddy.

The other really sad thing about me at volleyball is that I secretly wanted to turn every conversation back to Bei. As my team members reminised about a beer drinking contest at college, I thought...hmm...tough one..but I'm sure there is some kind of connection to Bei ...think Liz!! think! Seriously, I have to admit I'm still in the infatuation stage with my little guy and I promise to "try" not to be one of those moms!!

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Sara's mom said...

Sara and I are on your blog. She is kissing the pictures of her boyfriend Bei Bei and saying "eye Knee" (love you) to him. We love Bei Bei.