Doctors, Doctors and more Doctors

Today was a busy busy day for us because we had three medical appointments. At 9:00 Bei had his Echocardiogram at the University of Minnesota. He was a champ as usual, he just sat on my lap while they put they gel on him and looked around his heart. The entire exam lasted about 15 minutes.

Then we had his first appointment with his pediatric physician, that also went smoothly. (The exam last week was with the International Adoption Clinic and we still needed to take him to his own pediatrican). One thing that we did learn is that he can have his immunizations as long as the vaccinations are dead. So he still can't have his MMR (I think it is Measles, Mumps and Rubella) and Varicella because they use live cultures or something like that. Our pediatrician was very impressed with Bei and kept saying that he was an extremely mature two year old. He is an amazing little guy!

Back to the University of Minnesota in the afternoon, for an x-ray and a consultation with the Cardiologist. Here is the short of it; Compared to the size of the hole that the Chinese doctors initially reported in Bei's medical report, the hole is shrinking. However, his left ventricular is enlarged and working harder than it should, which is concerning. The Cardiologist is bringing Bei's case to her weekly Friday medical conference for review.

Here is the very concerning news, if it is determined he needs surgery it will be open heart surgery. The "easy fix, low risk" catherization procedure that we had told everybody that they use, is no longer on the market due to some electrical issue's with the procedure. Dr. Braunlin will call me on Friday or Monday to inform us of the decision of the Medical Conference review.

Please keep Bei in your prayers that he doesn't have open heart surgery and that the hole closes on it's own.

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Kathy said...

Oh you know he is always in our prayers...He is a lovely child, and full of such wonder...I am always amazed at how much children take in that you don't even realize they are paying attention to.

Luv and Hugz,