Secret Weapon!!!

A little pudding right before bedtime!

I spoke with the Cardiologist today ( I had her paged) and she said that the Medical Review board wants to continue to watch Bei before making any further decisions. She asked me to schedule another Echocardiogram at 3 months and then again at 6 months. She said one of their biggest concerns is that he has had minimal weight gain since the Chinese Medical Report in October. She said they want to see how he does on an American diet with a little TLC. Once again, I'm charged with the duty of fattening the boy up! So I decided to bring out my secret weapon tonight for dinner...my grandma Phyllis's mashed potatoes. My grandma rated people based on if they were a "good eater" or not...my brother in law Randy was her favorite "good eater", however we found out later that he was cheating! He had a condition called thunder thyroid so he could pack away the food and never gain a pound!!! It could have killed him...but my grandma didn't care just as long as he kept eating her food in abundance, she was a happy woman. Anyway, Bei loved the mashed potatoes and asked for "moe" in his Boston/Mandarin accent. Grandma is smiling from heaven, she knows that Bei is a "good eater".

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Stephanie Pomonis said...

XuXu won't touch mashed potatoes to save her life! Perhaps I need to get your grandma's recipe. Bei is looking so good and I have had fun following your blog! The doctor's must not have been that concerned if they didn't contact you right away - glad you kept on them.

We have also been following Lily's blog - I am so happy she was able to go home today. The miracle of modern medicine and love.

Stephanie Pomonis