Daddy Rocks!

Just a quick update, Bei hasn't slept the past two nights...ugh! Sunday night he didn't sleep because a mosquito made a Chinese Buffet of his body at the cabin. Last night he didn't sleep because he had his first set of immunizations and he ended up with a fever and insominia. He is such a great kid, he didn't cry but was restless. He was trying to put himself back to sleep by patting himself and his eye's were wide open. Poor little guy. I ended up giving him Motrin and put more calamine lotion on his feet. Then today, he wouldn't go down for his nap. Even with the lack of sleep, he still has a good dispostion overall.
So you are probably wondering why the title is Daddy Rocks! When Dan get's home from work, he usually plays with Bei, gives him his bath and play some more. Dan noticed that Bei was saying his colors! He would watch Dan's lips to see how he was forming the words and then repeat it. It was so darling and his speech is so good! Way to upstage me Dan...I spend 10 hours a day with the kid and he was still on Bye Bye and more...

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