Updated pictures of Sara (Doe Doe)

I'm a princess and I know it!

Beautiful Girl!

What you talking about Willis??
Here are some updated pictures of Sara. Jen informed me that Sara still yells out Bei Bei's name. And Bei is still calling Doe Doe on the "pretend" phone and still saying the same thing...Doe Doe, mmm Ahhh. These two obviously had a very strong connection to one another.
The great thing about the kids is that they truly went to the right parents. Sara went home to two older brothers, 10 and 12 and a dog. Jen tells me that she is a fearless, independent and verbose little girl. She can hold her own with anyone. On the other hand, you all have a good idea of who Bei is and I know he found the perfect home with us. The third Suzhou little girl went home to 2 brothers and a teenage sister, which fit her really outgoing personality. It feels like God truly had a hand in finding the right parents for each of the children.

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