Weekend at the Cabin

Captain Bei has the face of an angel!

Not for long...our bundle of joy is in there, somewhere...(Can you find his fingers?)

Captain Bei is manning the ship!

We haven't left shore yet...

We spent the weekend up at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. Dan did chores in the morning and we took an afternoon boat ride, where our fearless leader, Captain Bei immediately fell fast asleep! The good news was that he woke just in time for Happy Hour at the Tiki Bar, where we met our friends for cocktails. Bei had his first Kitty Cocktail which was on the house and an order of yummy french fries.
I have to share with you the how we left the Tiki Bar, we were just wrapping it up and thinking about going when all of a sudden there was a huge splat, brown feces and then an instanteous horrible smell! My first thought was to look up to see if the Dave Mathews band was unloading it's tour bus septic system on our heads, but then I remembered we are in northern Wisconsin and there is only open sky above. The great American bald eagle defecated on us and our table. Lucky for us and unlucky for our friends Kathy and Boog, they took the primary hit of it. I think it was God's way of telling us to go home...

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