I survived...

Daddy and Bei playing before bedtime...aren't they suppose to be settling down?
I know that Bei is the perfect child for me and that I love being his parent. Because this morning I thought, what the heck am I going to do with a two year old on a rainy gloomy day with a kid that loves to be outside? I not only survived but we had a blast! We first went and visited Dan at his work. Dan's co-workers have been phenomenal throughout this entire journey. We have received so many wonderful emails with well wishes, prayers and referrals for doctors. Not to mention all the gifts...oh my gosh...the gifts!!! The video camera that we took to China and documented our journey was given to us by his work people, plus so much more I can't even mention it all. Dan decided to send out electronic thank you's because around 80 people contributed to the gifts for Bei. Plus we received individual gifts from people from his work and they were shipping them to our house! Every day there was a new package at our front door, a tricycle, a bike trailer to put Bei in, gifts from target. It was very overwhelming to say the least and very humbling. You can tell, Dan is not well liked at his job...I always say to know Dan is to love Dan. Or at least, I do!!
I digressed, but in the spirit of going over the top in generosity and kindness, when we got to Dan's office his co-workers had made his office into a shrine of our journey to get Bei! They had 8x10 pictures all over his office walls. It was great! This little boy has touched alot of lives! Bei was a superstar at Dan's office and warmed up to everyone. He definitely is not the shy little guy that we brought home from China. He is a little shy, but warms up really fast and is pretty confident in himself.
The rest of the afternoon we played at home in the house. He is just a joy to be around and one of the best parts is that he LOVES to laugh and giggle, which is right up my alley. When he wants to have a meltdown, I turn into the kissing monster and kiss him really softly on the neck and face. He melts...but into giggles. At first he was such a trooper about his diaper being changed, but he has me figured out; I'm not like those tough orphanage ladies, so he is starting to whine a little bit. But now, when I smell a pooper I ask everyone in the room (remember it is only him), who pooped their diaper and to raise their hand. So now, every time he poops, he is raising his hand and smiling. Then I ask, who wants their diaper change to raise their hand and up goes his hand with a big fat smile...aha...I can outwit a two year old...

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