Bei is definitely a "Must See"

Giving Aunt Nanette a big hug good-bye

Seriously, this is going to catch on...I saw it at the zoo...

Mom, socks are multi-purpose...

First stop at the zoo is always Mini Donuts!!

My friends Max and Addie
My sister Nanette and her two daughters came and met Bei today. Her parting words were "Bei is definitely a Must See". I think he dazzled them! He loved the attention that they showed him and really hammed it up for them. He can kind of be a show off when he knows he has an audience. The day started off with Bei and I joining my neighbor and her kids at Como Zoo. It was fun and Bei enjoyed it. Then Nanette and the girls arrived and off to the Mall of America we all went. We ran home, ate dinner and then went to a shower that my book club held for us. Bei loved the mash potatoe's that was served at the shower and they weren't even the secret weapon recipe from grandma Phyllis...hmmm...maybe he just loves mashed potatoes.
Even though we had a very hectic day and Bei missed his nap, he was just a champion throughout the day. There were no meltdowns and he just enjoyed every part of it. Bei is fast asleep and I'm right behind him...being a stay at home mom is hard work!!!

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