Cowboy Bei

Bei riding his Harley with his cowboy boots

Uh oh...Bei is caught eating food in his bedroom!

We went to our nieces graduation party tonight and Bei did wonderful. He hung with me most of the time, but I eventually let the kids at the party take him for about 15 minutes before he started missing mom. (They were dying to get their hands on him)! Katherine, my niece said that after about 7 minutes, he started looking sad and started to look for me. Yes...as you all know me, I wanted him to miss me. No big surprise there! I'm glad that he is trusting enough to go with others, but it is REALLY important that he wants to come back to me and Dan. If he didn't miss us or look for us, that would be indicative of attachment issues. On July 5th, he will have only known us for two months , that is considered a newborn in the birthing world. That is how I feel, we are still figuring each other out and exploring one another's personalities.

We are headed to the cabin on Monday for the entire week. We plan on introducing Bei to fishing and swimming! I plan on taking lots of pictures and will try to go into town mid-week and upload some pictures of him at Camp Krueger.

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