We miss Dan!

I'll start with the picture; I took this as Bei was waking up from his nap and he wanted me to pick him up. He is soooooo happy to see his mommy! He usually wakes up with a smile on his face and is a very happy boy.
Dan went back to work today and we missed him alot!!! We were able to talk about 4 or 5 times during the day, which was very nice for me. Unfortunately, we weren't home when Dan got home, but I definitely want to make a big thing about it for Bei. Greeting Daddy at the door with lots and of hugs and kisses from both of us.
Bei is talking more English every day. One of the things that he says is " Alllll Done". He takes a mouthful of food, swallows and says, "Alll Done", takes another bite, swallows, and says "Alll Done", right-o buddy, but you have about 17 more bites before you truly are "Allll Done". We pull into the driveway after an errand and we are "Allll Done". We close the door and it is "Alll Done". You get it, everything is "Allll Done".
All the parents out there know this already but I didn't get it until now. Children are truly sponges. They want to imitate their parents in everything that they do. Which is good and bad, because we all have some bad habits...yikes! I'm trying to eliminate several words from my vocabulary! Luckily they aren't the worst words in the world, so if Bei accidently said them, I shouldn't have the neighbors knocking on my door. One of the things that I automatically did with Bei is pat him when he goes to sleep. He will be laying in my arms and I'll just pat his diaper rhythmically. Now, he is doing it to himself to get himself to sleep. Everything I do, he loves to do. Even put on my lipstick...he puckers up and then is all proud of himself after I put it on. Dan is insisting that I get Bei some chapstick.
A silly thing that he is doing is putting things in odd places. He loves to place things in the cabinets and refridgerator. There is a potatoe in the pots and pans cabinet, one of his many toothbrushes in the refridgerator (he loves to brush his teeth!), a bowl, cookies and batteries are in the tupperware cabinet. Maybe he see's me take things in and out of the cabinets and he wants to do the same. I just leave them there and he then moves them around again. It keeps him busy when I'm washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.
All is well in the Krueger household...

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