Reggie's Ramp that has become a toy for Bei!

There were many beautiful yellow flowers all over the lawn at the cabin.

Bei learned to blow the snow ball off of the stem

Joe Cool at the cabin

Puckering up for the camera

On Wednesday, we headed up to our cabin in northern Wisconsin. We had not been there since the girls weekend at the beginning of April. We needed to cut the grass, put the dock in and get the boat out of storage. Dan's parents came over in the morning for a nice visit with us. Bei had a wonderful time running up and down the ramp Dan had built for Reggie (our previous four legged child). We decided to leave it up until Bei doesn't want to use it anymore.

We left on Thursday because the weather was going to be rainy.

Today, we spent the afternoon over at our friends Mary and Jeff Sullivan swimming in their in-ground pool. Bei loved it! He is a natural in the water and is not afraid at all. Very trusting. He even wanted to put his face underwater. His diaper ended up weighing more than him, and after it blew up to the size of a basketball we finally decided to take it off and put on his Dora swim pull ups...yep, his mom accidently got girlie ones.

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