I thought I was a good parent until I had a child...

I went to the bookstore and there was a book with that title, that caught my eye. If that doesn't say it all...parenting looks easy from the outside. I sure had all the answers when I had no kids. So far everything has truly gone smoothly. The most stressful part so far has been getting him to sleep, but it has definitely been minor. Bei is a pretty easy kid, we have a great understanding of one another. I give him everything that he demands and he only needs to tantrum once. Truthfully, I gave Bei a timeout yesterday. In my all-knowing former life, I thought timeouts were stupid. It was for people who couldn't communicate. I get it now, they make an impact. Bei pretty much laughs in my face when I try to be stern and tell him no. He is saying "Hey lady, I came from an orphanage and there was no nice sing songing lady telling me that it is not nice to hit". Anyway, the timeout yesterday lasted only 20 seconds, but he got my point and behaved beautifully afterward. By the way, his tantrums have pretty much ceased except for naps every now and then. He is such a good kid, even if he is upset, I can usually redirect his attention and get him focused on other things.


I love all of Bei's different expressions. As I have mentioned he loves to laugh and giggle. This is one of his faces when he is excited. We let his Big Wheel ride down the driveway by itself towards him and he loves it. I think my Civil War camera is finally on it's last leg and we are going to be forced to by a new one. Doesn't the picture really look fuzzy?


I called the Cardiologists this morning and left a message and never heard back. It is not like the kid has a hang nail, it is his heart and it would be nice to know next steps. I'm not overly impressed at the moment with this facility and probably won't be staying with it much longer. It probably is the scenario of no news, is good news.

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Kathy said...

That's too funny! I think we all felt that way...Heck I still feel that way at times!