Summer Friends Recap #2

This is my friend Laura and she LOVES getting her picture taken! :-)    Let me tell you about Laura, she has been one of those silent warriors who has advocated for her son.   Her son was born healthy but as he reached puberity some serious medical issues began to arise.   He has everything from heart surgery, to kidney issues and most recently had to be air lifted to a hospital due to uncontrolled seizures.   That is alot for one mama to take!   My heart just goes out to her because I know how hard it is as a mom to watch your kids suffer.   Laura has handled everything with such poise and grace.  Both of her son's are amazing young men, she and Cliff have done such a great job raising them.   It was so timely the weekend that they came to the cabin because I was in the thick of things with Kai and it nice to be able to talk with someone who has been there and understands the obstacles.   She gave me the motivation to push on and to keep advocating for Kai.  

I met Laura through Dan.  Laura and Dan were neighbors and their families were very close friends.  Laura and Cliff spend Christmas Eve with us, they have become like family.

I just love this picture of Morgan and Katherine

Our summers would not be the same without Mark, Gina, Blake and Morgan down the road from us.  Dan and Mark were best friends growing up and having cabins close to one another has re-kindled that bond for them.   Gina is the nicest person in the world and makes me look like the meanest mom... Honestly, she is the sweetest person in the world!  Morgan and Blake are always up for jumping off the boat in the middle of the lake.   They are two great kids!

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