The boys have become much more engaged in playing with one another.  

Playing with water definitely was the theme this year


Building sandcastles and destroying them

Sometimes it's not fun to have a brother

Bei is an anomaly, he loves getting sprayed by ice cold well water.  Of course it is fun for me because who doesn't like to spray others with water?   He loves it when I chase him around with the hose.  He just better not try to get me wet because I DO mind getting sprayed with ice cold well water

I wanted to write about how remarkable Bei has handled Kai's adoption, and more specifically the aftermath of Kai's adoption.   It is hard to be a sibling to a special needs child.  Bei's world pretty much was turned upside down once we adopted Kai.   Bei and I were inseparable, I babied him, adored him and worshipped him in it's full manifestations.  I still adore and worship him but now it is in a much healthier way.  Bei had to grow up really quickly once Kai was here.  Bei has handled the adoption like a champion!   I really believe God placed Kai into our family because he knew it would be right for everyone, including Bei.   Bei has been dragged along to more therapy sessions and doctor appointments than most sick kids.   It is expected he behaves, most of the time he does, but a few times he hasn't, he is 5 years old.  From the very beginning Bei has watched over Kai.   If Kai was crying or passing out he would tell me immediately.  He accepted the fact that Kai needed me and that the arms that he was constantly in prior to Kai's adoption were now filled all the time.   I am still amazed that he never showed any outward jealousy.  Yet, in the beginning Bei was indifferent towards Kai and really didn't acknowledge him, other than to tell me if he was crying.  Fortunately, the indifference has melted away and they are playing more together.

From the first time I met Bei I felt he has a very high emotional I.Q.  He is very much in control of his emotions.    He shows alot of empathy and kindness towards others and is an extremely happy person.  I always think of the word joyful when I think of him.    The kid still tells me he loves me at least 5 times a day.   Honestly, I think he is one of the easiest kids to parent.

I believe God had a plan and it was that  Bei and Kai were meant to be brothers.   Kai has enriched Bei's life and will continue to do so.  In turn, Bei will be such a wonderful role model and watchful older brother to Kai.   They will be blessed to have one another for the rest of their lives.

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nina said...

You know how I feel about your boys, I love them so much from afar. I do know what you mean about how Bei has handled things. Even though he has a special need too he sees that Kai needs you. Our Emily is the same way. These special older siblings are teaching our younger ones a lot. True compassion and love. I can only imagine the lives they will touch from their experiences as they grow up!