Hurrah for Beth!

The frog den that has created so much fun and excitement at our cabin

Poor Matt, I think he thought he adopted another kid that weekend.   With Dan and his back in so much pain I was trying to help Dan more than normal with the boat and the cabin and then I leaned on Matt and Beth to help with Kai!   So THANK YOU guys so much!  

This little munckin was so sweet.  Her name is Minah and she was adopted from South Korea also in 2010!   If I wasn't paying attention to her, she would run over and whap me on the leg like saying "pay attention lady...your eyes need to be on me at all times!"  

These two got along like best friends!

Chloe had said something silly about the guy in the book's "underpants" which Bei thought was funny

 Hmm...I wonder what Doe Doe (Sarah) would say about Chloe moving in on her man?   I can hear her now "No! Bei Bei! No!

Chloe loved driving the boat

Hurrah for Beth!  She wrote a really nice blog about our visit with them at the cabin.   I've been meaning to come back to that weekend and write more because we really had the best time.   I am sure that we will make it an annual event to spend time with the J family.   Everybody could not of gotten along more beautifully.   Anyway I am taking the lazy way out and linking to her blog because she captures the weekend perfectly!  http://talesof2princesses.blogspot.com/2011/09/our-trip-to-wisconsin.html#comments