Summer Friends Recap #1

I met John when we first moved to Minnesota and we have been friends ever since.  In one word, John is a gentleman.     

He has a soft spot for our two little guys.  Isn't Kai's smile priceless?

Sue and I met when I worked for the St. Paul Companies.   We have been friends a long time.   Sue is one of those people that you invite to your cabin and you feel like she is hosting you!   She brings all these wonderful bake goods, brings dinner one of the night, she is a workhorse and she is extremely helpful with the kids.   I was giving Kai a bottle and Sue sat down and said "ah I think I will sit down and relax a few minutes".   She sat for less than 60 seconds!  I said, I thought you were going to relax and she said, "I did!".  Friends like Sue make me feel very lazy! 

Johanna is a foreign exchange student from Germany who is staying with Sue and Dave.   She had gotten here on the Thursday before Labor day and this was the following Saturday.   I have never seen three people more comfortable with one another, Sue, Dave and Johanna just hit it off instantly.   It was amazing!   Johanna was fabulous with the kids!  Bei fell in love with her!   I wish I could have kidnapped her for the year, they definitely hit the jackpot with her.   Bei still asks when we can see "that girl".  

Dave makes the best ribs in the entire world!   He is always amazed at how many ribs I can put away.  Honestly they are the worlds best!  Dave was a drummer in a blues Band for over 20 years.   Going to listen to Dave's band was one of the fun ways that we would spend our weekends before we had kids.  

I wanted to share with you pictures of some of the friends that we have had up at the cabin this past summer.  We are so blessed to have such good friends.   Most of our friends we have known for 20 plus years.  

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