Kai Kai Sweetie Pie Recovered

I need to add Allergist to Kai's team of medical professionals.  This is a picture of Kai last week when his mouth was so swollen up along with all the hives all over his body.  He was just pitiful last week with his stomach flu.  It broke my heart to see him in such pain and discomfort.  I have to admit that one of the things that got me through last week with Kai is I kept thinking about who would be there for him in China if we had not adopted him?   Who would hold him and bath him and kiss on him when he wasn't feeling good?   He just needed to be held alot last week and I am grateful that God chose me to be the one to bring my Kai Kai Sweetie Pie comfort.  I just LOVE him so much! 

This week he is back to his smiley happy sweet little self again

When Kai is sick his gross motor development regresses dramatically.  During his illness he couldn't walk without falling after taking a step or two.    Isn't that the most adorable little face...can't you just hear the squeal of excitement?

Look what I caught this little guy doing this week...playing hopscotch!   His gross motor skills have come back full force and he is doing great again.   He continues to amaze me with his tenacity to overcome so many obstacles.

These two are pretty much inseparable these days.   They spend every waking moment taunting and terrorizing each other in a very fun and playful way.  I am really appreciating what Elvis is doing for the kids and how much fun they have with him.   

Jeannine, you have always been my best audience my entire life.  Loved the comments, they made me laugh!

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Jeannine said...

I think I need a Kai fix! When I look at his pictures I feel my insides either smile or ache. Luckily it has been mostly feelings of profound affection. But the recent picture of Kai not feeling well actually made me ache. There is something spiritual about his affect on me...I wish I could be there more often for him and you. Thanks for sharing your family with me. Love you, Jeannine