School Daze

First Day of Kindergarten

Bei goes in the mornings and I pick him up around noon or I mean 11:55 because there is no "around" at the Catholic School.  

Kai and cousin Morgan playing together

I had been talking to Bei early in the week about him starting school.   I asked him who he thought would cry harder him or me when he started Kindergarten?  He said he would try not to cry but he thought he probably would anyway.   I told him it was okay to cry if he needed to and there was no shame in it.  I also tease him and tell him he doesn't need to go to school to learn to read and write, he can just stay home with me and just be dumb the rest of his life.   NO WAY!  He told me he wants to go to school to learn!   Good deal kid! 

So I was prepared for the first day to be a little rocky for the both of us.  However some how we ended up being late!!!! for the first day of school!!!! Yikes!  I guess when they say 9:00 a.m. they mean in your seat and ready to start the day!  It definitely isn't like pre-school where getting close to the arrival time is good enough.   Ugh...punctuality is over-rated in my mind, but I got the picture loud and clear by the clenched teeth smile from the teacher when we walked in.   Anyway, there was no time for tears, it was  put your name tag on, sit here, good-bye I love you and off I went.   No tears from Bei and on my way home I was thinking what just happened?   I am suppose to be sobbing!   On the second day I saw all the fun that we had missed the first day, school crossing guards, parents dropping kids off, buses lined up, kids greeting each other...it was fun to be a part of it!    Unfortunately Bei was a little teary-eyed on the second day when I left and so was I.  The good news is that when I picked him up he told me his second day was even better than the first!  I am so happy for him and feel that we found the right school that fits his personality.   Plus he LOVES his teacher which is always a big bonus.   

Just a quick note for those of you following Kai Kai Sweetie Pie's hearing story.  We received his new molds on Wednesday.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!   I KNOW!  How can someone love ear molds?  But I DO!  What a difference these new molds make!  There is absolutely no feedback and the new audiologist Jennifer also noticed that Kai Kai Sweetie Pie has shallow upper ears, so she added a hook to the molds so they stay in his ears better.   They work perfectly!!   She is one of those medical professionals who goes ABOVE and BEYOND!  


nina said...

So glad you found this audiologist! I knew you would find a better fit. I hope you will start seeing him be more verbal now. Glad to see Bei is enjoying school. Love, love, your sense of humor! Hugs,

Maddys Mom said...

Congrats Bei on your big milestone!

Good news about Kai's new aids.