Digging Deep

These pictures are not from the middle of the night

These are pictures of Kai from the previous week when he was feeling well

This little sweetie is kicking me in the arse this week.   He has the stomach flu which means that he is up all night screaming bloody murder.   The only way I can calm him usually is to give him a bath.   So we have been taking baths at 1:30 in the morning or sometimes it is 3:30 in the morning.   I'll do anything for him not to scream in pain.   Kai is not one to have some tiny little tummy ache...oh no...this kid pushes the limits on everything.   So he not only has gut-wrenching painful to watch stomach aches but he also is covered in some god-awful hives!   Once again these are not tiny little hives, instead these are humongous 3 inch by 4 inch swatches on his back or his entire neck will be covered in hives.   This morning we woke up and I looked at him and his poor upper lip was swollen huge along with that area between the lip and under the nose.   Ugh...this poor little man is going through life the hard way...nothing is ever easy with him.   I finally took him to the doctor and he is now on steroids.   The lack of sleep can definitely wear on me and that is when I have to dig deep.   Dig deep within myself to overcome my selfishness and wanting to be crabby at the rest of the world for my lack of sleep.      I always warn Bei when I am tired and crabby.   I tell him "Bei, I woke up this morning and I found my crabby pants on and I can't get them off."   In a way I kind of think I am a better parent when I am tired and crabby because I don't put up with any nonsense, kind of like how our parents parented us.   No negotiations, just do it because I said mentality.   I am hoping that Kai gets over his stomach flu and we can get back to our normal interrupted sleep which is going to feel like heaven.

Hearing Aids Update - Kai continues to wear the hearing aids and is doing really well with them.   I am so proud of him and how he is handling it.   He still claps his hands when he see's that I am going to put them in his ears.  He is so sweet!


Cedar said...

Very cute photos! I hope he feels better soon!

Jeannine said...

Hang in there Liz, this to shall pass. Kai is so CUTE. I love the photos you posted with his tongue showing. The boys are lucky to have such a funny mother...I love the crabby pants comment and have heard you say that before. Your boys are going to have so many funny mom stories to tell when they are older:)Prayers for a healthy Krueger household. Love you, Jeannine